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Rumored Snyder Watching Cruise for 'Watchmen'?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Rumored Snyder Watching Cruise for 'Watchmen'? 


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I think he should be able to get the R. The comic really demands it and Snyder seems to gained the trust of the people over at Warners. this would be especially true if 300 opens huge next week.
I agree with Faraci that this could be great casting. He was great in Magnolia, and this is an excuse to lampoon his image. I really hope this film comes to be. Even if it ends up sucking, I want someone to take it on, and someone as young and aggressive as Snyder might be the guy to do it. I also really hopes he gets the R he's aiming for, but doubt Warner will allow it in the end.
Rumored Snyder Watching Cruise for 'Watchmen'?
Watchmen is a project that Zack has been anticipating for a long time now. It's one of the most celebrated and literary graphic novels of all time; a complete deconstruction of the super hero genre...not to mention one of the most difficult to adapt.

In the '90s, Terry Gilliam tried his hand at the material but couldn't nail it. Five years ago David Hayter wrote an adaptation that got a lot of people buzzing. Darren Aronofsky and Paul Greengrass both took shots at the material but for various reasons, things never worked out. Hell, I even read a rumor that David Bowie was planning on making an opera based on the revered graphic novel. But after Zack Snyder impressed the studio brass with what he was doing on 300, he got the green-light to move ahead and finally, finally, bring this baby to the big screen.

Now fans of the comic have been wondering about the very important casting on this flick. Well, with this recent scoop, we at least know they're thinking BIG. Devin Faraci over at C.H.U.D. scored an interview with Snyder and confirmed that there was heavy discussion with none other than Tom Cruise to take on the role of Ozymandias. Heavy discussion aside, it doesn't appear Cruise will be donning the cape.