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Running Scared

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Tick Toc I agree with you.  I stopped watching "Cold Case" because it seems to me they had lots of episodes with children as murder victims.  I agree that we should not say don't put these images in your moives, I just want to be warned first thats all.  
When you start talking about filmakers not being able to put certain content in films, THAT'S when I start getting disturbed.  Why?  Because it's a move towards taking the First Amendment away from us.  The children in the movie were not hurt, you know.  They're actors.  Yes, the content may have been disturbing, but you know, the movie IS rated R, so you should have expected adult content.  And what's shown I'm sure isn't that much different than what you see every week on those crime dramas on TV.  I saw a WITHOUT A TRACE where a 9-year old is abducted, raped, and killed.  I mean, if they depicted the kid actors in an actual rape scene with simulated sex, then you might have something to get upset about, but as far as it goes now it's everyone's right to display content that others may deem questionable to their tastes.  
There are quite a few good movies (or at least ones that I like) that have disturbing content in them.  I'm thinking Strange Days right off the top of my head.
Sometimes film isn't meant to only entertain, and it especially isn't meant to entertain the masses. There is a fine line between art and exploitation, but without the posibility of offense, art becomes stagnant.
I don't think that having a child being molested or anybody being raped is entertaining!  LIE HAPPINESS were not big box office hits (not that they were ment to be that) however to me when I am subjected to theses images on screen makes me mad! I am not a parent or a first hand crime victim but the fact that I paid money to see Running Scared bothers me!  I would of rather gave the money to charity!  In fact now I will make donation to one now for crime victims..
..not to mention L.I.E. and Happiness, or any other movie that has challenging thematic elements. Running Scared is most likely just exploitative entertainment (not that there's anything wrong with that), but sometimes the hardest issues are the most intelectually and artistically rewarding. People need to question their own values to understand them. Sometimes watching a great film isn't a joyful experience at all.
Running Scared
stanton heck wrote:  I had a very bad time sitting
through one scene of this movie where three children are in a room with 2 child molesters. I was glad when the child molesters get killed but do we need c**p like this in movies!

Art imitates life and unfortunately situations are all too common these days.  I'm surprised it hasn't crept into the plots of more movies.  If you are that queasy about, you will want to skip the Woodsman all together.
overrated film...Running Scared and it's terrible
You know, I had zero interest in this film until all this backlash against its depection of violence cropped up on the internet...

And I'm not the biggest fan of Pulp Fiction, but I'm pretty sure there's more to it than over-the-top violence and the potential of rape, I'd even argue that the film was kind of tame in the field of violence.
Running Scared
If you study this movie it is a rip-off of "Pulp Fiction". From the
over the top violence to the potential of rape! I have a problem when
"Hollywood" uses children in jepordy for a plot devise! I think parents
who let there children in movies like this need to have there parental
rights looked into! I am no parent but I think all of us as citizens of
the world should protect children. I had a very bad time sitting
through one scene of this movie where three children are in a room with
2 child molesters. I was glad when the child molesters get killed but
do we need c**p like this in movies! I DON'T think so! Even though
nothing is shown you here dialog that is very uncomfrontable. I wish I
knew this scene was in this movie ( I would of skipped seeing this!
This movie would of been better had they re-written the screenplay
without that scene! I am glad this movie tanked!