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Sound like mini-disc anyone?
And that'll be why I prefer DVD-Audio..

SACD is a poor competition to DVD-A

1. Who created the Super Audio CD?
  The Super Audio CD was created through a partnership between Sony Electronics and Phillips Electronics, the very same companies that launched the Mini Disc and the Digital Compact Cassette respectively.
2. Will my Super Audio CD player play my DVD’s?
  No, Super Audio CD players will not play DVD’s. It would be much more difficult for us to sell you two machines if the SACD player played two formats.
3. Will my Super Audio CD’s play on my DVD player?
  No, you aren’t that sharp are you? See above.
4. I am able to play my DVD’s on my Sony PlayStation 2. Will it play my SACD’s as well?
  No, PlayStation 2 will not play SACD’s. Unfortunately, we made fun of the game division guys at the company Christmas party several years ago and they are still making us pay.  
5. When will Super Audio CD players be introduced as an option in new automobiles?
  There are currently no plans to introduce SACD players in automobiles. Our research has shown that people don’t tend to listen to pre-recorded music in their cars. After all, most people are perfectly satisfied with radio programming in their area.
6. Will my SACD’s play in my computer ROM drive?
  No, your SACD’s will not play in a computer ROM drive. Who would want to listen to music on their computer anyway?
7. I read about the Rolling Stones SACD of Beggars’ Banquet in a hifi magazine and went to purchase it, but I couldn’t find that title with an SACD logo or identifying mark on it. Where can I find it?
  Actually, you probably saw it. The Beggars’ Banquet disc is what we call a hybrid disc. It is an SACD that includes a red book audio layer so that it can be played in CD players as well. The record label took our money to produce the title and then made the decision to eliminate any reference to SACD on the outside package because they were concerned that calling attention to SACD might scare off general consumers.
8. I purchased an SACD copy of Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow a while back when it was part of your “Because There Is So Much More To Hear” campaign. My copy is stereo, but now the album is available as a multi-channel SACD. Why the change?
  As it turns out, there wasn’t that much more to hear in stereo. Trust us on the 5.1 version. However, don’t let that stop you from buying the “stereo only” SACD releases from The Police, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.