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Shawshank Redemption on BD (UK release)

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I've got the UKBD of this and it looks really good.

I believe most of the extras are present as well, those that are worth giving a damn about anyway. The commentary by Frank Darabont and the 2 documentaries are here. There are separate interviews with the cast also and stills, if that's your bag. The only thing that doesn't appear to be on the UKBD is the storyboards which I beleive have been listed for the USBD, and the 'Shark Tank Redemption spoof unless it's an easter egg that I've yet to find.

Personally I can do without those extras and despite being a little wary over buying an 'itv DVD/BD' I am quite pleased with the end product. The video looks, as it should which is miles better than the previous DVD's but I'm certainly no expert in this area.

I would recommend it for those who can't wait until December for the USBD.
Thanks for clearing things up Chris. I might get both XFiles BDs in December, as I read in europe we might not get the same features being released in the U.S. Will wait to see if they are both region free.
As I've said many times, that list is far from exhaustive. As I've also said many times, Warner, Paramount and Universal don't currently code their BDs. It seems even Fox might be relaxing, as the last few check discs I've had have been all region. Maybe that will translate to retail, maybe not. We'll see I guess.
You can always check the BD Region Lock/Free Titles here:

And yeah, all Warner titles are Region Free, including New Line titles that being release by Warner now (SATC for example). New Line used to be Region-Locked. I'm not to fuss about the Region since my player is Reg A and most of my discs are US anyway, but it's good to check since there are some some interesting Reg B title, like the German 'Traffic' has been hailed as a great disc, and Reg Free of course.
There you have it - I know more than Warner Borthers about their own products. I would pretend to be surprised, but I'm not.
Just wanted to say that i bought that Sweeney Todd BD (if you remember) and you're right, it worked perfectly well on my region A coded machine. The funny thing is even the people at Warner (sweden) said it was region B coded, they don't even know themselves. Laugh
No Warner BDs are specifically region coded, same as Paramount and universal. They were all HD DVD backers.
All-region, huh? Probably worth waiting for then.

I'm not too fussed about the extras, mind. Not sure about that funky book box either.
US release isn't RA, it's all region. I haven't got the UK disc because it looks naff. No extras and not HD audio.
Shawshank Redemption on BD (UK release)
Anyone had a look at this yet? It's been released by ITV (as opposed to the Region A release which is Warners).

The ITV (Carlton) release I had on DVD has shockingly bad picture quality and wanted to know if this was worth getting in this HD version.

Any UK readers taken the plunge and bought the Region B?