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I like them, if I had more room and less junk I would've went for something like that.
I bought mine at Best Buy when they were on sale for around $60 per.  They're not quite the best, but they aren't bad.  They hold supposedly around 280 DVDs.
It's not wide enough for my Matrix and others, I've measured it so I'll buy another bookshelf from Ikea that holds way more than that and is half the price Tongue
Gabe Powers wrote: Yeah....I'm not spending that much money on that...

What's wierd is it's more expensive outside of the US, here in the states it's only $49.99. Still expensive I guess but if you like them then hey. And the color of mine is Beech Veneer, the camera flash gives it a white-ish color.
Yeah....I'm not spending that much money on that...
The Benno bookshelf comes in ten different colours including Beeh Veneer, Oak Veneer, White, Red, Black and Silver and has a foil finish. It costs A$69 each. Holds 88 DVD's or 180 CD's or 40 vhs. I think Director7 has the white one. The shelf stands at 2.02 metres. Very Tall. This requires the purchaser to do the assembling.

And also...Caution! To prevent toppling, all furniture more than 75 cm high should be anchored to the wall.
Safety bracket for fixing to wall included.


Zoomboy, did anyone mention that the shelves are adjustable, so therefore some of your boxed sets may fit in there!
The Benno shelf is nice, but it won't hold some of my boxsets (Matrix Ultimate Boxset, etc) so I have to buy a regular shelf from Ikea instead.
Director7 wrote: Jeez Franchise, how many you got there?

At that time?  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700.  I sold some of the ones I didn't watch anymore or bought to watch only once.  You should have seen the pawn shop guy's eyes when I took all those in.  heh
Thank you Director 7, I just happen to have an IKEA catalogue. I'll look into it now. There are quite a few IKEA stores in Sydney.
Haha thanks, I wish I built it.....I bought it from IKEA. They're called 'Benno CD Tower' and comes in a ton of different colors and prices. Mine were 49.99 each, I went broke for a minute... 49.99 x 14 = Alot.

Here's a link for Western Australia, you can change the location somewhere in that site.
Hey, Director 7, can you tell me where or how you got that sweet bookshelf of yours? Did you build it, or bought from a furniture store? I'd love to get one just like yours. It's perfect!
Jeez Franchise, how many you got there?
i should post a image and mine but I have loads piled in the hall right now, i'm gonna assort them the loose ones very soon and theirs likee 100 out in the hall, because me and my dad was just piling them next to his bed so he piled them up in the hall
Here's mine.  I'd try for a full shot of it, but it's back behind my couch.

I rent and am not allowed (and can't afford) to put in noce shelves like those. I'm jealous. I actually put in some basic bookshelves last weekend, and it's nice, but not great.
Director7 wrote: oops sorry, I'll post over there

That thread is not a picture thread. People included pics by themselves, no need to abandon this one. Plus some time has passed, updates are a given. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, it's quite modest but I have run out of room a bit.
I ran out of shelf space a long time ago. Curse my small room!!!
oops sorry, I'll post over there
Thanks for showing us your bookshelf, Director 7. Now that's the perfect bookshelf I'd like to have for my DVD collection.
Very impressive. Looks like I'll have to find this other thread for you people again!
Where's the official thread? I can't seem to find it...
we already have a thread for that Happy

Excellent collection though! you can see mine in the other dedicated thread !
Show Pics of Your DVD Collection
Here's mine, it's a little more than 1,100 and take the whole damn wall.