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Sounds good and I hope Brotherhood Of The Wolf gets a 2 disc release in the US one day (instead of just the one disc currently available).
That's good to hear. I've been waiting on a special edition dvd for this movie.
"Silent Hill" SE DVD on the way!
Even the director Christophe Gans hates the R1 Cover Art of his movie "Silent Hill". So much so, that he is going to release a Special Edition. No date or timeframe was mentioned. Read on...

"Christophe Gans Talks Silent Hill"

By: Roger Yip

First online: Dec 26, 2006

DVD Rama recently interviewed director Christophe Gans where he revealed his feelings towards his 2006 film, "Silent Hill," his disappointment towards its DVD release, and the possibility of a special edition. So far, only part one of the interview was released online which was in French and the following is a translated paraphrased version.

In the lengthy interview, Gans first speaks about how the region 1 DVD release did not meet his expectations. He says that even ten days after the U.S. theatrical release, he and his crew worked an additional 10 days on the film to get various cuts for other countries as well as working on the DVD and HD transfers, which left very little time to beef up the supplements.

The 1 hour 'making-of' present on the current DVD was made by Sony and talks only about the creatures and the architecture. According to him, this 'making of' is incomplete.

Also, he thinks that the current DVD transfer is an "absolument désastreuse" (absolute disaster). He doesn't even like the DVD's cover art.

Gans is planning to make a Silent Hill collector's edition DVD after he finishes work on another video game-to-film project, "ONIMUSHA."

About the performance of the film, he says that he is happy because Silent Hill was one of the biggest horror successes of 2006 in terms of box-office numbers. It arrived 3rd after "SAW III."

About the film itself, the husband [Sean Bean] was supposed to appear only in the beginning and the end. The executives at Sony were afraid to make a movie without a man. Gans confesses he never found his [Bean's] scenes to be useful. These scenes created a problem in the movie: they affected the "subjective" time of the movie by alternating night/day. The movie worked as a Twilight Zone episode but the husband scenes confused things even more. Gans realized he should have kept Sean Bean's scenes for the DVD only.

Censorship wasn't an issue. As long as the story was fictional and guns were useless, it was fine with the studio. Plus it is the story of a loving mother. The studio didn't care about the rest. A reason why Gans finds censorship to be absurd and useless.


Gans also had a different idea for the ending in the church. Christabella stabs Rose causing black smoke to come out of her and six Pyramid Heads to appear, each one holding a different weapon. The Pyramid Heads then begin to massacre the cult members which was meant to create a "Jacob's Ladder" (aka Dante's Inferno) homage. But due to the budget and time, Gans only had one and a half days available to film this scene. Many wanted it but the studio asked for something that could be done in the day and a half that was available.


Gans used what critics said about his last movie, "Brotherhood of the Wolf," to correct mistakes in Silent hill. Being a former movie critic, he says that he always read what people think of his work, good or bad, to improve his next movie.

Although he tried to create a scary movie that was more disturbing rather than having a bunch of jump scares, he feels bad about the fact that many didn't find the film scary. Although he likes to hear that Silent hill is nowhere near a slasher.

One of his goals for Silent Hill 2 is to correct mistakes he made with the first one which cost him a lot of energy. However, he wonders if he can truly come back for a second movie because of "Onimusha." He says that if he doesn't come back, producers agree with him that the second movie should keep the visual aspect of the first one. There is no way they are bringing a whole new vision of the town's design. He doesn't want a "hollywoodian" movie. If he doesn't come back as a director, he strongly suggest a European (and even a French) one. He will however stay very close to the project.

Roger Avary will return to write the screenplay for Silent Hill 2 after he is finished adapting his video game-to-film project, "DRIVER."