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lol...good one Matt

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!
I bought both Kill Bill Vol. I don't really care for a bloated over-priced edition, I like the films.

I have only double dipped for The Fifth Element and Daredevil so far, and I am not too upset about it, I only lost six dollars on The Fifth Element and I wanted both versions of Daredevil anyways.

Now if they release a better Elektra disc after i go out and buy it, then I'll be pissed.
I'm in the same boat as Worst Nightmare. I look globally for the best version available, and try to obtain that (unless it's from a region with an insanely high conversion rate like Japan or European Union states).

Also there's obvious stuff, like big titles that will have a super duper SE somewhere along the line.
I try and compare them all around the world before buying - I will wait for things that will obviously have the super special edition treatment - Matrix anyone? Kill Bill no doubt? but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go for it.
I rely on a number of DVD sites to help me form an opinion and make my decision.
Well nowadays, what I do is buy a DVD if it looks like a hefty package or if it comes with a lot extras, good transfer etc. Otherwise, I'm a real patient person and thanks to that the only DVDs that I've double dipped on are the Friday the 13th movies, which I ended up buying the boxset because of the extras.

I could've bought Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element a long time ago, same thing with Goodfellas, Heat, Kill Bill Vol. 1&2, Office Space etc. but I just choose to wait instead because I know that somewhere down the line there will be a special edition coming out. Hell, that's the very reason why I don't own a single Blade movie. Now I'm happily waiting for that boxset that's coming out.

However, I understand that there's people out there that must buy the DVD as soon it comes out, so I understand why it would anger them. All I can say is that thanks to sites like these, I've saved a lot of money.
I agree. I'm sick of all this dipping garbage. Remember when DVD first came out and a special edition brimming with meaningful extras and rarities was the FIRST thing they issued.

Now you're lucky if you even get a special edition, let alone one with quality extras.
Hell Yeah!
Honestly, if you're going to release a movie, do it right the first time, I'm sick of all these "better" editions coming out in time for a sequel or for no good reason at all. I mean come on now, don't they realise that they lose profits by putting out (on the most part) such inferior DVDs to the original??

P.S. I know this has been said before but I just really hate it. I'm not gonna double dip on anything (other than the "Star Wars" "Ultimate" versions)

P.P.S. Ghostbusters had better come out in some sort of "Super Slimer Edition" soon.
Sorry, just couldn't resist correcting the grammar in the subject. Happy

Good luck with the campaign
*sings* We're not going to take anymore!
Ok we all know the studios are releases one or two, heck even 3, versions of the same movie on DVD. I think its time we do something. Now i cant wait for the new Gbs dvds but the last version came out 6yrs ago. Anyways lets stand up and protest!