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Site for unrated/rated/etc. comparisons?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Site for unrated/rated/etc. comparisons? 


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.....but I want it now Tongue
Maybe just wait 6 months to a year before purchasing after a release on DVD - for most recent releases, this is what happens if they release an extended cut, they wait a bit to maximise income....
That's gonna have to do!

Actually it's pretty good considering the users are the ones who do it, at least there's a bit of first hand knowledge there. Guess the only drawback is that the movie has to be out long enough for someone to take the initiative to note the differences.

Best I've got so far so thanks Adrian........tez occassionally has the difference in the actual movies.  Look up the movie and then select "alternate versions" on the left hand side menu.  Since IMDB is done by users, not every movie has the differences.
Yeah, DVDCompare is a good site for comparing the disc specs from across the regions, especially for an importer like myself, but with regards to the movie differences they (normally) only put the running times. They do rarely have a link to a movie comparison but the key word here being 'rarely'. Thanks tho.........tez
They don't do what he's asking.
dvdcompare dot com Wink
Site for unrated/rated/etc. comparisons?
Hey all,

As the title says, does anyone know of a site that compares the differences in particular movies that have numerous editions available, ie. unrated, rated, director's cut, extended edition, etc.? Not necessarily interested in the specs of the DVD but the differences in the movie itself. I'm sick of buying the first batch of discs and then having to later contemplate buying the same movie that now comes with 'an additional X minutes of explosive/sexy/hilarious footage'.

Sometimes the different cuts make a noticble difference to the original (thinking Terminator 2, Donnie Darko, LOTR:EE's, couple of the Alien movies and we all love the Star Wars SE's) but the majority of the time you can watch the new and imroved version and think 'there were additional scenes?' (like Armageddon DC) and even the additional scenes are noticable they don't normally warrant the production (or purchase) of a whole new disc.

So if anyone knows of a place I'd be interested!

Thanks all............tez