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Slipcovers and Who Invented Them?

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I like the slip covers as long as they have a cover print than the actual dvd artwork itself. Like the slip cover for John Tucker Must Die, anybody see that one?
i love the slip covers, dont laugh, but my sister, brother and me, call them "authens" the slipcover represents a movie authenticity if it has one, i hate it though when they disapear! the disney ones are here for a little while then there gone i hate that, these slipcovers sare quite rare, one that comes to mind is The Fith Elelemt SE i saw it once and NEVER saw it again. I dont often take them from stores but i usually ask if i can take them and i'll justsay i saw it laying around lol but yeah some of these slips are hard to near impossible to find! i collect as many as i cani even have some spare ones, sothat when i get the movie i have the cover, tell me, who hear has "Con-Air" SE WITH the slip cover?
I'm in the "stop killing trees" department. I agree with RickA05. I don't care for the covers unless it's somehow different than the cover in the case, otherwise it's a waste of paper. I throw them in my recycling bin, or I try to find a copy that is missing the cover. For those of you who agree it's just killing trees, I hope when you say you throw them out, that you're recycling, not just tossing in the trash. I see some people here have OCD or like tendencies. I can be anal about many things as well but I don't think it's a reason to support the destruction of the environment. I mean, just look at the Amazon rainforest. Kinda sad it'll probably be nearly gone in a few hundred years because some of us like slip covers and everything else wasteful we use paper for. There are tree farms, that some paper comes from. I think it should be law that all paper should come from tree farms, or come from hemp, and no, I don't smoke pot, but hemp can be used for nearly everything.
It seems to be something only Fox, Sony and Disney do generally! Best two are Borat and Grease! The T Bird jacket is awesome! I much prefer slipcases to the old Warner snap cases!
I only appreciate slip covers if they are completely different from the regular DVD case (Donnie Darko Director's Cut, for example, or Office Space) and look decent. But when it's redundant (Batman Begins, Constantine, King Kong) then it's just annoying to remove them and put them back on when using them. I still keep them because of my stupid OCD but I could do without the redundant ones.
I love to throw away slipcovers.Useless and a waste of trees.Unless the slip is metal or something and actully is apart of the dvd cover then I will keep it.
i do like them..but only if the quality is right...for ex. the one for "King Kong" 2-disc SE or "Collateral" 2-disc SE are great- real coolector stuff..nicely designed and made....

But then there are soem realy bad made slip-covers..made of the tin rubish cartbord..that makes geting the box out of it almost impossible.
I like slipcovers except for the fact that retailers slap a price sticker on them and then I'm compelled to carefully try to remove it without damaging it. But depending on the paper quality ,you can still have a sticky spot left on the slipcover that could damage it's shelf neighbor.
i like them but i hate when i get a dvd and it doesn't have it feel incomplete.
I like Slip covers. They make the DVD stand out, and yeah.. I just like them. Although they are a bit annoying when they don't fit in my rack, and instead I have to make room for them on my shelf.
I've found that on the DVDs I've bought that happened to have them, that after a while the glue on them gives way at the ends, so basically I just discard them so that my whole collection looks uniform again... :O)
I actually liked the one that A Fish Called Wanda came in because it had little bubbles through which you could see the faces of the characters, who were shown in full on the cover underneath...

On the whole though they're pointless.
I havnt been able to find anywhere to buy them.  I would like to know if they have plain white ones for sale.  
Dvd slip covers are almost just as senseless as the cardboard boxes cds use to come in many years ago but at least they don't take up any more space than a dvd case does. Most dvds don't even include chapter inserts anymore & yet it probably costs studios more to produce/make the slip covers but at least we as consumers aren't charged extra for them when we purchase a dvd that comes with them.
I usually never call them by their real name, and instead refer to them as tree-killing dvd condoms.  They are the bane of my existence and I hate how people would pass a perfectly good DVD over just because it doesn't come with the tree-killing dvd condom that initial copies came with.  Besides, if people took better care of their DVDs, they wouldn't have to worry about having a tree-killing dvd condom to "protect" it.
So I guess that no-one knows if there is a web-place you can buy only slipcovers? Or if there is any way to look at what movies already have them?
I like slip covers because they keep my inside clean and my slip package never gets ruined. It makes the dvd look better.
I don't like them!  I think Disney started it! The first DVD I remember buying with a slipcover was "Beauty and the Beast"
I don't like slipcovers, like the person above me said, they are a waste of money and trees.
I guess I'm going to have to join the minority on this one. Now, it's not so much the slipcover itself that I'm against. I'm against the fact that companies are now putting the slipcovers over top of the shrinkwrap. How did THIS practice start, and why? When something is under the shrinkwrap, it keeps it clean and pristine until you open it, not prone to fingerprints, scratches, rips, tears, and various other little damages that can occur. Why make an absolutely dazzling, gorgeous slipcover if you're only going to leave it open to such damages? I actually LIKE them, I just can't understand why companies would do this. It just seems like a waste of money (for them, at least).
And for me, they keep the DVD covers looking like brand new, every time you take it out of the slipcover. So I don't keep changing amaray DVD covers to upkeep my dvd collection!
i love them..i think that they do every Edition a little bit special....all cheep movies come in regular amaray... I realy hate DVD's in just regular amaray...the god quality slipcover is a great adition to a DVD.
I am not sure who invented them, but it has always been my opinion they started out as either a way to 'up' the packaging in a cheap way to make the product a little cooler looking or a way to add a fraction of more security to the package by further hiding the openings of the case.

Personally, I don't care for them.  I just don't see a point of them. Some like 'Batman Begins' that holds extra stuff is kept, but for the most part I will pitch them. Some covers that add to the case's cover like 'I, Robot' are nice designs.

I never knew there may be an after market value on them.  I will make ya a deal on my future ones.  Happy Happy
Slipcovers and Who Invented Them?
Trust me, I'm going to have to "self-diagnose" myself as addicted to these things, even if I don't buy the DVD that day, I'll steal 'em just to make sure that I have them when I do buy it. Just seem incomplete without 'em.

Anyway on to my point. I can't help but wonder:
Why some have them and some don't?
Who made them?
How do "they" decide what movies get them?
Is there a web-place you can buy JUST them? Or ANY way to look at what movies have them?