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So amazing, it deserves a thread of it's own

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Why thankyou Happy
Agreed Nic, this looks great, especially when you recall the disappointing Tommy Lee Jones make-up effort...

I'd sure like this to be the actual used look for 'Two-face' in the movie, but it's probably ended up toned-down a good bit from this I bet.  I reckon this is going to be a very bittersweet movie experience as we all see Heath bat his 'Joker' portrayal out of the park, in what's sure to be a huge smash this year...

Love your ammended 'Why so serious?' pic by the way!
The only problem with concept art is that like the book a movie is based on, everything in the movie never seems to be as good...
Awesome but nothings quite as cool as Heath as Joker.
That image looks like the zombie in Return of the living dead.
Isn't that Aaron Eckhart??
Shouldn't have gone for the shell fish.
The third one definately needs some sexy scenes, sorry fight scenes featuring catwoman and batgirl. Now who could fill the new costumes? Hmmm.
Oh yeah! Looks bloody brilliant! Can't Wait!

I hope they don't tone down too much though, looks fantastic already!
Damn you Harvey, I warned you about falling asleep on the sunbed!!!!

Looks far better than the purple mess that Tommy Lee Jones had on in Batman Forever.

Thanks for the picture Nic, you sounded like you were in King Kong there for a sec.
Apparently it's concept art for the CGI. Money is on them toning it down for the kids. Shame
I saw this yesterday, totally cool.  I had hoped no scarred face reveal until the third one, or the last minutes of the second one.  Since this is a spolier heavy zone it seems, have you heard that Joker is totally being written out of the third one?  I wonder who the 2nd baddie wil be now?

Nic, I like the picture, but why so serious there?
So amazing, it deserves a thread of it's own
(You might have seen it already but...whoa it's kewwwwwl)

I present...