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Some News On Both Creepshow and Monster Squad SEs

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Creepshow I would love a SE
I never got to see The Monster Squad. This review alone made me want to see it
I liked the Goonies when it first came out and still do. I also found myself enjoying Critters, which I bought not too long ago. I like cheesy bad movies, so there's a chance I might like Monster Squad
Monster Squad, for me, is just another in a long line of '80s movies I liked as a kid and now cringe at. I'm an outcast among my friends. At least it's better The Goonies (oooo, I went there again).
I already own Creepshow, bought it from Wal-Mart for $5, so I'm not interested in the SE. I don't think I've ever seen Monster Squad, I might pick that one up, could be good.
Now now need to loose the heads over this....

.....the novena for my dark and tortured exsistence begins to-Morrow!!!

...............................Im definately goin to hell....  
"Lord, I apologize for that one there, and please be with all the starving Pygmies down there in New Guinea".
Ooo Hoo Hoo, that's good Matt. I like that. That's freakin' dark man.

Seriously though, tragedy.

There IS a limit.
Gabe Powers wrote: So long as there aren't any deleted scenes on Twilight Zone, right?

Hey, someone had to make the Vic Morrow joke.

Wouldn't they be referred to as 'cut' scenes then?
So long as there aren't any deleted scenes on Twilight Zone, right?

Hey, someone had to make the Vic Morrow joke.
Yeah, I've known about an SE of Poltergeist coming to standard DVD and high definition discs for it's 25th Anniversary for a little while now, but the little blurb about Twilight Zone: The Movie from WB's chat over at HTF really surprised me as I never thought that would see the light of day ever again. I just recently watched my old MGM copy of Poltergeist the other day having not seen it for several years, and if there's one blockbuster film from the 80s that needed cleaned up and remastered for home video it's that one.
Fabulous news Matt, I've hoped for these for myself and my boys (they're BOTH old enough BY the way)for ages.  I also see on the other day that we are also getting an updated POLTERGEIST release, and finally a TWILIGHT ZONE:THE MOVIE release soon too...
Some News On Both Creepshow and Monster Squad SEs
Thought this was kind of interesting, but it looks as if you're in R1 and want an SE of the classic 80s horror anthology Creepshow with Romero and Savini commentary among other things you'll have to pony up for a region-free player. But don't fret, at least R1 is getting a  Monster Squad SE sometime around Halloween of this year from Lionsgate that includes the film at its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio and other goodies, including commentary from some of the cast who are now all grown up. About damn time if you ask me.