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Spice World (Special Edition) US Release?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Spice World (Special Edition) US Release? 


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Surely this is a wind-up??
Don't think it was meant to be a comeback.
^That's not even a good comeback.
Thats like being nostalgic over a case of the clap you picked up from a hooker in
Slave2Horror wrote: Why on earth would you want that piece of garbage anyway?

Ever heard of Nostalgia?

It never tried to be a serious movie, I mean for f**ks sake there are martians that are their fans, a creepy stalker papanazi who comes out of a toilet, and they're even randomly on top of the bus. It IS a funny movie, intentionally cheesy [but apparently people try to make it seem as if it were some movie that tried to be Oscar worthy and failed hard to justify them enjoying it.].

+ the Spice Girls kick ass no matter what.
Honestly, along with 'Ankle Biters' (check it out, it's about midget vampires, and it's SUPPOSED to be a horror), Spice World is one of those "so bad it's good" movies.

I watch it when I need a good laugh....
Why on earth would you want that piece of garbage anyway?
Spice World (Special Edition) US Release?
So is it still coming out in the US? I mean after the news of the stupidest decision ever [the spice's greatest hits coming out exclusively to victoria secret and then in january nationwide] that would surely mean that the DVD is delayed but I can't find much news about it actually coming out over here.