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Spider-Man 3: Limited Edition

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The AmazonUK exclusive for the "Symbiot skin" set has dropped down to 9.99 !!! the little fu*ers at amazon didnt update my pre-order so I had to cancel and order again this one..
just give me the directors cut at the same time as the theatrical, no double dipping and i will be happy. This film was butchered in the editing room.
I think the French single disc artwork will be that of our (R1) standard 2 Disc artwork.
I also hope region 1 will get a collector's gift set of Spider-Man 3 like the last 2 movies got. What I fear may happen is if region 1 does get any kind of collector's gift set this time around it would probably only include the Blu-Ray disc version instead of the regular dvd like before with the first 2 movies & that would suck for the ones who wanted a collector's gift set but didn't have a Blu-Ray player to play the disc on.
Disappointing 1-disc artwork Sad
I could say the same for the 2-disc but it seems from the picture that you posted that it will be a digipack. So I wont comment until I see the inside and the extras !
Another 2 versions from France (R2):

Nice update there demiscy,

I hate the SNL bit in this movie, and you guys are right that it's too long and the movie was going no where - too many villians, too lil time to develop them properly - ambitious materials but never really executed.

BTW - Dunst looks horrible in this film, however a big thumbs up for Bryce!

Spider-Man 3 with Limited Edition 'Symbiot' Sleeve Design and Slipcase (Exclusive to

Out January 1st 2008 !! LOL
They could've cut about 40 minutes out of it and made it into two films. This being DVD, and my DVD player having a pause button, I'd like to see those two films in one sitting.

It was overlong for a movie, but there was enough going on that a little development could've made for 2 great follow ups rather than one half-decent one with an out of nowhere final act.
I thought they had the longer version at the movies - they could have cut an hour out of it...
Longer? Jesus, I nearly fell asleep as it was. Cut out sandman altogether and just have the Venom symbiote as the main villain. Have Spidey find it in the opening minutes and then progress from there. Too much time wasted on Sandman and his s**ty story that didn't actually go anywhere. Oh I'm evil. No I'm not. oh wait, I am. Now I'm not again. FFS...
I'm going to wait on the longer cut that we all know is coming. I still like the film, but anything to fill out Sandman and Venom would really help.
BoBoi this includes the Blue-Ray edition dvd too.. thats why it is so expensive!
Let us know when it's up for pre-order in Amazon France Wink Wink Wink
Looks good but I`ll wait and see what america get before ordering
Ooooohhh. Don't like Alapage though, ordered something from them ages ago and it never came.
Pity about the film.
Looks pretty cool.
Spider-Man 3: Limited Edition
This is from R2 France.

The figure is numbered just like the first Wooden Box.

Price: 99,99 Euro (for now - it will probably soon be listed on and the price may vary a bit)

Link: Spider-man 3 (Coffret DVD Ultimate)

Thanks to Agon