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Spoil some endings for me.

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Spoiler Wyatt is actually a over-wieght, balding, pale, American!! (guess what THAT one's from!)
Kevin Spacey is the "7 Deadly Sins" serial killer!
Quote: Originally posted by Eva Unit02
Stephen Rea's character is a man!

Uh...wrong character/actor there...
Tyler Durden does not exist!
Bruce Willis's character was dead the whole time!

Stephen Rea's character is a man!
JFK gets shot....not quite an ending but stil desrves mention.
Dr. Evil and Austin Powers are brothers!
My 100th post!
In the Director's Cut, Deckard is a replicant!

In the Theatrical Cut, he's a human!
Quote: Originally posted by Jeff Shute
Pride of the Yankees - Lou Gehrig gets Lou Gehrig's disease.

Isn't it amazing that he would get the very same disease that carries his name? What are the odds on that? Very Happy
Pride of the Yankees - Lou Gehrig gets Lou Gehrig's disease.
Score two for me. Either I'm good at this, or those were poorly made trailers for poorly made movies. I'm guessing the later.
Oh yeah I forgot. You are right about Twisted.
Quote: Originally posted by Danny Jean
Gargamel needs 6 smurfs to turn them into gold!

Hey now, lets not spoil the endings to the important stuff there, guy! I was only 2 episodes away from the climax. Now I guess I'll just have to give it up.

Not really.
Quote: Originally posted by -MFDOOM-
Darth Vader is Luke's father!!!

beat me to it
Wow, I'm REALLY glad I didn't see Hide and Seek now.
- -
Gargamel needs 6 smurfs to turn them into gold!
Darth Vader is Luke's father!!!
The Titanic Sinks Wink is a good site if you want your endings spoiled.

And for Hide and Seek Spoiler De Niro is Charlie. It's his split personality.
All right! score one for me. Thanks Milla Freak.
Taking Lives Spoiler Ethan Hawke is the killer. He frames Keifer Sutherland, but Angelina figures it out, after she screwed him (which was hot), when she saw him kill his mother in an elevator. Then she hides from him in some small town and we find out she's pregnant. He tracks her down and he stabs her pregnant belly with scissors (got the biggest reaction I have ever seen in a theater) then she kills him and revelas she wasn't pregnant, it was a trap.
Spoil some endings for me.
I'm a pretty busy guy between real work and reviewing screeners. I haven't got time to watch a movie just because I'm curious about the twist ending.

Two I'm wondering about are:
'Say It Isn't So' and 'Hide and Seek'.
I have no interest in sitting through these flicks. Can any of you spoil the twists for me?

Also, I didn't see 'Twisted' or 'Taking Lives', but I guessed the killers based on the trailers. Was Spoiler Sam Jackson the culprite in 'Twisted' and Spoiler Ethan Hawke in 'Taking Lives'? Again, please spoil the end and save me the time.