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I just got the set for Christmas from my sister. I'm satisfied with it, and I doubt I'd want to double-dip, although I usually don't in any case...

Re-watched Generations and Nemesis, and they're not nearly as bad as I remember them being, or as bad as everyone makes them out to be...
Welcome to the site Shemp.

I love my Star Trek movie boxset by the way. Even though they are probably going to be re-released when the new movie comes out.
I just wondered why you were resurrecting year old threads. It's a tactic spammers and trolls often use. If you're new and just having a look that's fine, but I had to ask.
necro-whating now?

I'm new and I've been reading through the threads... am I not allowed to join in... *pouts*
Any particular reason you're necroposting on over a dozen threads?
do what i did and buy the collection... they are all the SE of the dvds just in one box

You'll find the extra materials on the older Treks pretty awful in their quality, but the presentation of the movies more than make up for it.

You might as well get them to say you have the whole collection. It's cheaper than buying the shows right?
If you are a true trekkie, then get it. Because I did the same, from someone who wanted to sell all his 2 Disc Editions. I only got it because my brothers like the older Treks, and I like the more recent ones. I can tell you though, the picture quality's amazing!! and the DTS awesome!
This is nothing but a glorified bump. But does anyone (who has the discs) have an answer?
You know, as often as I've seen Star Trek II, and seen that pic - (I used to have it as my msn pic) - I'm still terrified by it.
So aside from DTS, worth buying?
Looks like he's having trouble taking a dump.
Hmmmm....Photo taken split second after he finished the script for Star Trek V....
 ".....shoulda stuck with TJ Hooker! Sad"  

Wrist slap for hotlinking.
goat boy wrote: If it's a 2 disc special edition it can't be bad for the price. Now for the real question. Kirk or Picard?

Pike ! ! !
Yes, DTS!!!!
If it's a 2 disc special edition it can't be bad for the price. Now for the real question. Kirk or Picard?
Star Trek Films on DVD
Hey y'all.

Just a quick question.

Are the Star Trek SEs worth buying even on the lesser films? I speak of course of V, IX and X. They're less than $9 up here now and was wondering if I'd waste my money on those three (extras-wise).