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Star Wars 3-D in 2007

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Well I like 3-d movies however I would love to see a 3d release of "Wizard of Oz" first
They don't need another excuse. They could re-release it every year and the geeks would buy it.
Nic Mall wrote: 3D? For the love of Jebus why!?

Erm... Excuse to release another version on DVD?
I will see SW A NEW HOPE in 3-d and maybe Empire.  However the rest of them I will have to pass
Nic Mall wrote: 3D? For the love of Jebus why!?

*in his best Bill Shatner impersonation.*

"Because it's there..."
3D? For the love of Jebus why!?
There's still 6 months left in 2007.
Someone e-mailed me and said that at one time Lucas was said to "Re-Release" one Star Wars movie a year starting in 2007 with the 30th Anniversary of "Star Wars IV-A New Hope" however since nothing else has been said since I guess its not going to happen

No news is bad news
I think this will and still is going to happen given the enthusiasm they (Lucasfilm) were showing for the process. It give them another stream of revenue for the same old product so why wouldn't they do it. As for Lucas not doing the 3D versions due to being too busy with Indy 4, well...the guy does seem to be able to multitask and delegate. He can still work on Indy 4, the SW TV series and check in on the progress of this from time to time. I don't think he's personally hand crafting each frame.
Doubtful. I think Lucas' attention will be focused on Indy IV now.
It is about time.  I have actually save some money recently, and finally have a way to send some more of to to George.  Theatrical release, 3-D DVDs, Ultimate Final Special Enhanced Edition Saga DVD... bring 'em on... I have no need to feed the children.

In all honesty, I'd like to see how the new 3D (if it ever happens) gets all altered (ya know, to make it a more concise saga, I actually like most the changes)from Episode 1, all the way to 6.  I could handle seeing them all in the theater one more time.
I vaguely remember an article appearing about a year ago from Lucasfilm (I think it was Rick McCallum or Steve Stansweet) saying that ten minutes had been done but then all work was halted as they felt that at the moment there were not enough 3D capable cinemas to warrant the high cost of converting the full films. It stated it would be several years before they were finished and released. Although I take anything Lucasfilm says about releases with a huge pinch of salt this particular statement sound pretty plausible and true.
Hmmm, maybe seeing as how the anniversary is coming.....
Star Wars 3-D in 2007
Does anybody know if Star Wars is coming out in 3-d this year?  Sorry if this has been asked before!  I remember hearing about a 3-D release but that was 2 years ago any news or rumors?