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Star Wars III Cover (Canadians come!)

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Kenneth, I think you got it wrong. He wanted the front, back, and spine.
CLICK HERE for the image

Click here for the source:
Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
Mine fell apart the first time I opened it Happy

Yeah, mine did too...a couple of the trays came unglued and fell right out and one of the center pieces cracked so the disc wouldn't stay in place. I got some nifty covers for the set and put them in four slim, two-disc Amaray cases plus a fifth case for the bonus disc. Same thing happened to one of my Buffy sets and a couple of others.

I'm running out of room as it is though, soon it'll be time to convert everything over to THINPak cases anyways. Happy
Mine fell apart the first time I opened it Happy
Yeah, the only covers I've downloaded have been for snapper cases, which saved me from scanning the covers and fixing the creased areas in PS myself, and a few customs, like the Alien films, to replace some gawd awful digipaks that like to fall apart and let the discs roll around.
Oh, OK then. I feel I can trust you again.
Are you talking about the covers for my subversive summer project, Gabe? Those I did make from scratch using high-res images I found or scanned, PowerDVD, and Photoshop.
Wait a minute, I thought you made those stole froma stealer?!?!Shocked
Dunno, but that site and, before it shut down, have been handy at times when I have replaced old snapper cases or packaging, like The Alien Quadrilogy, that falls apart with Amarays.
So how is it that site hasn't been sued for copyright infringment?
Thank you, this is exactly what I needed.
Try here... and if you can't find anything that suits your fancy there is no shortage of high-res artwork for Sith on the net to make your own.
I have the DVD already, I was just wondering if people could scan and post their English cover so that Canadians can print it out and replace the Bilingual one.
I tried E-Bay and no one has a picture of the whole cover (Front Spine Back).
I was thinking if you tried E-Bay. It will probably have  a product on sale and what you are looking for. Just print the cover out afterwards.
You think you've got it bad. I don't even have a copy of it yet. Knowing when I finally do, I'll have to face the crappy bilingual covers again. Cry
Star Wars III Cover
My appy polly loggies if I sound like the whiny kid everyone had in their class at one point or another... But it would be appreciated to me and I'm sure to many other Canadians who use this website who got screwed over with the bilingual "Star Wars III" covers if someone who has the "English Only(American)" cover could kindly scan theirs to share with us so we can match our newly purchased DVDs with the rest of the saga.
Many thanks in advance.