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star wars originals already on dvd

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Wait, you don't have access to the Lucasfilm archives, Matt? IF you're going to do something, I say you should do it right. All you need is a black ski-mask and some bolt cutters.
that Dooku picture made my day
Speaking as someone who is curently converting my own laserdisc copies to DVD,(a task that is not illegal since I own the originals and am simply exporting them to the medium of my choosing and am not selling these items or making them available to anyone. The jokers on eBay who are selling these are engaging in an illegal practice.) there is no way that the quality can match that of the 2004 official release since anyone who does this doesn't have access to the original film elements and just has the laserdiscs to go from. But I think that the ported ones will look better than the laserdiscs themselves, which is part of my goal in porting them over to DVD in the first place, other than just the need to port them over to a thriving and still viable medium before my laserdiscs and/or available players go belly up. But it is a slow, trial-and-error process to get things looking right, that's for sure. It's been a much larger project than I had imagained from the start.
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They're bootleg versions of the '93 Definitive Edition laserdiscs transferred to DVD. They are not official releases. There are many such bootleg editions, such as the TR-47 and Dr. Gonzo versions. They are all inferior quality to DVD from a technical standpoint.
star wars originals already on dvd
I went looking on ebay for star wars originals on vhs because I thought that was the only format they were on. My dad mentioned searching if they were any dvd's available. To my surprise there were. I saw many people selling what was called the star wars definitive collection that I guess came out ten to twelve years ago. I thought that 2004 was the first year the star wars trilogy was coming out on dvd. These were not laserdisc versions I found, they were dvd.