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Stealth - Really Quick Review

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I doubt The Wedding Crashers will end up #1, and if Stealth works in the box office, it's bound to make at least $30 Mil. Seeing it tomorrow.
Quote: Originally posted by Mark Lim
How did you get this free ticker?
I organised 70 people to see star wars 3 at the theatre recently and the cinemas gave me some free tickets to see another movie - lets hope I remain on their freebie list.
I have a series of friends that want to see this. They say it'll be dumb fun, but it just looks like dumb to me. I didn't really like XXX either, even though it had Asia Argento in it. I saw The March of the Penguins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my mom who was in town. Both were very entertaining, but pretty forgettable. I still want to see Devil's Rejects.
That review pretty much seems to be the overall gist on Stealth so far. I think I might challenge XXX: State of the Union and The Island for the title of bomb of the summer, but that's only if it really underperforms and has no legs at all. Fingers crossed that Wedding Crashers will be #1 this weekend.
Well at least it wasn't a complete waste of time, eh Mr. Joseph.
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Quote: Originally posted by Mark Lim
How did you get this free ticker?

Merchants, for exemple;  comic book or music/DVD stores they get free promo (movie tickets, poster, cd, t-shirts,  etc..) all the time.
  I collect comic books.  I know the store owner and sometimes, he just give me free movie tickets for premiere shows.  That's why it's good to have connection in life.
How did you get this free ticker?
** out of ***** is a below average film, which Stealth certainly is, but at least my ticket was free so I managed not to waste my money on it. That and I got a hat, a t-shirt, a couple of posters, and a bottle opener out of it to boot.
I've been anticipating Stealth for a long time but from the early reviews, I didn't think it was going to be this damn mindless. Sounded like my kind of film and even if it goes under the mindless action genre, I know I'm still going to love it.

Too bad Cohen and Michael Bay are two of the most hated directors this year. Even when Bay makes a good film like The Island, he's hated. That and stupid ad campaigns killed The Island and I really can't wait for Stealth's result.

Screw the critics. When you anticipate a film like this for the longest time, you see it anyways.

Great mini-review, Matt but doesn't 2/5 (or 4/10) seem kind of low?
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Good review Matt!  
Rob Cohen can't be worst of a director then Uwe Boll in my book.
Stealth - Really Quick Review
Caught a preview of Stealth this evening and here are a few random thoughts:

- Rob Cohen can still direct a couple of nice but not great actions sequences, but not intelligent scenes.
- Tries hard to be both an action film and a techno/political thriller, but besides the aforementioned few nice action scenes fails at both.
- Has a good, though not wholey original, idea behind it, but the story's main plot twist takes the movie down a decidedly different, not entirely logical, and less satisfying road.
- Eye candy all around special effects wise, but while some shots are great, others aren't. Jessica Biel in a bikini, though not a special effect, is definitley eye candy.
- Contains one of the most impressive explosions I have seen on film in a long time, and I am not talking about the ring of fire shown in the trailer.

Stealth is basically a dumb, loud movie with a few cool scenes; save your money and either see something else this weekend or rent the just released on DVD XXX: State Of The Union, which is just as mindless an action movie but won't cost you an arm and a leg plus the $5.00 for popcorn to see it.

** out of *****