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Gah! the worst thing really is I keep watching what he makes... well not all of them but i have a double handed down dvd of Alone in the Dark (i cant get anyone else to take it off me) and I've watched Bloodrayne's... I watch his movies as they have people i like in them, and each time his movies make me hate him more and more, can someone please stop me watching them and stop him making them?
The problem is that they give money out for sh*te like this when the studios could be giving the same money to a decent production....
It's hard to understand the economics of him still being given money to make films. I've never seen one of his films but a quick glance at some of his budgets and (US) domestic incomes on IMDB suggets that, unless he's taking massive box office oversees and on video, his films are losing 10''s of millions of dollars with each film. So it seems that it's not a case of just saying to people, 'vote with your wallets' because they already are but dspite this he's got about 6 or 7 films already in production.

Who are these people stumping up the money each time and what are they getting out of it at the end of the day? Most interesting.
Haven't seen any of his films and i don't plan on doing so either.

The only reason i can think of that would force me to see one of his films would be if he somehow got hold of the rights to make the second Silent Hill movie, which i pray to God will never happen. But then again, i haven't seen any of his movies, so what do i know, maybe i'm his greatest fan.
You're just giving the guy more attention.  stop it.
Yeah. I'm not signing either.

Yes, his movies are terrible, but no one's forcing anybody to watch them.

Anyways, I can't help but smile whenever I hear his name in the news, as I know hilarity is about to ensue.
Supposedly he has said he'd consider quitting if this petition ever reaches a million signatures. I'm not going to sign though, as much as I hate his movies, he has a right.

I just wish the man would do something original instead of butchering video games. Seriously, he goes from one video game to another, and he just got turned down by Blizzard wanting to do a World of Warcraft movie.
Most video games are derivative unoriginal tosh anyway with no real innovation. His film adaptations just reflect that.

Am I joking or not?Happy
Even though he ruins video games I can't see signing that. I can though not watch his movies. That is the only thing that he will understand.
Why stop at Uwe Boll? Roland Emmerich, Mel Gibson, Michael Bay, Stephen Sommers the list goes on so i find this petition pretty unfair and pointless really. Where not exactly living in the golden age of cinema.
At least he's having a laugh about it. These videos he makes must be tongue in cheek - no one is that much of an egotistical cock. He's right about Bay though Wink

It just keeps getting better...
I wouldn't have a problem with him making horrible movies if he were working off of original ideas. The problem comes when he attempts to adapt well known video game franchises, basically ruining them. I'm not saying there have been any truly shining examples of game adaptations-gone-right, but with him basically destroying ALL of them, he's not doing anything to alleviate the situation.

So I'm signing.
Slave2Horror wrote: Just because I dont like his work doesnt mean I am going to try and stop him from doing something he loves.AGREED
Just because you think his media sucks isn't a good enough reason to hate the guy. I completely agree that his movies are god awful but then again there are MANY MANY MANY movies that are horrid. That doesn't mean that other people don't like them and that they should discontinue them.
As much as I dislike Mr.Boll I wont sign the form. Hes doing what he wants to with his life and hes happy with it. Just because I dont like his work doesnt mean I am going to try and stop him from doing something he loves.
Stop Dr. Uwe Boll
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