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Subtitles - can they ever get them right?

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Agreed. I dont think they cursed once in that whole track. The subtitles had all of them.
Run Lola Run is one of the worst Dubbed tracks I've ever heard.
That's funny you're saying that, I'm complaining about the same thing. Since it's a pain in the ass reading subtitles, I put "Lola Rennt" ("Run Lola Run" for people who didn't know) in my DVD player, playing it with English dubbed tracks. I got subtitles on anyway and as I'm watching the film, the words the characters say are completely different from the subtitles.
Maybe is it is a subtitles/dubtitles thing?
I'm sure there are some fine and talented individuals out there translating and subtitling films but I would imagine it's a pretty thankless task and it probably falls on some underpaid, overworked and poorly motivated people.

Any translating subtitlers out there to enlighten us?
Subtitles - can they ever get them right?
Has anyone noticed how they still can't get these right? I was just recently watching the Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig series and alot of the time the english audio does not match the subtitles at all, being quite different.
In this day and age, you would think that a studio could get this right, considering they control the script, dvd authoring, etc
Just my rant at 2.30 am!