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Superman II Re-Cut  Are you going to buy this

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Yes, I will buy it, thankfully it's being released seperately. You would think that they would make it a box set exclusive to make people buy the box. But it's being released seperately, not that I'm complaining, I just find it weird.
Okay I saw on another web-site that "Superman IV" "will not" have the long cut that runs 134 minutes.  Has anybody heard if there going to release "Superman II" on a limited screen prior to the release of "Superman Returns".  If you read the Richard Donner interviews it sounds  he is saying that Warner Brothers is going to re-issue the new cut as a theatrical release first? I hope they do.  But I can only see Superman II getting a "Limited Release"
Hell yeah I'm buying it!
Aaron Schneiderman wrote: ...put on my Superman jammies and watch the whole damn thing till I pass out on the sofa.
Hopefully these jammies you speak of aren't the same Underoos you had when you were a kid. Wink
I will pick up the 14 disc set on release day, close all the blinds, pop some Orville Redenbacher, keep a bottle of Visine readily available, chill some Coca-Cola, order a pizza, grab my favorite pillow, put on my Superman jammies and watch the whole damn thing till I pass out on the sofa. Then I will wake up feeling like I had had a lethal dose of kryptonite!
I'll buy it.
According to AICN Donners Superman II Cut is being included as part of a 14 disc Superman Collection. Donner himself is pretty hands off, so the cut is being handled by his AD on the movie if memory serves. It sounds like an interesting idea, but I have my doubts about this Super-Pack (excuse the pun!) actually getting released. A stand alone release sounds much better I think.
I'd buy this movie if it was sold alone.  As long as it's being sold in the 4-pack, I'll skip.
I only enjoyed 1&2, the other two stunk like a big ass pile of dinosaur c**p!  LOL
stanton heck wrote:  am sure once all the footage is released there will be a million fan-cuts of this movie.  
There already are.
I hope that Superman II the re-cut will have all the stuff that was shot. You know have a deleted footage segments. I am sure once all the footage is released there will be a million fan-cuts of this movie.  
I'll but all 4 if they are packaged together. Not really bothered about 3 and 4 but it would be interesting to see 4 get finished off. I only have 1 and 2 currently and although Warners probably won't do much to 'the movie', 2 desperately needs bringing up to its level, hopefully with the minimum of a clean up and a re-mix. Superman 1 could do with a full digital clean as I seem to remember being surprised that there was still a fair amount of dirt on the Special Ed release a few years back. After the job Warners did on S1 it comes as quite a shock how basic 2 looks and sounds. It will do but they can do better. I look forward to seeing it in what ever form.
I'd pick up another, better version of the Superman II disc, but I'm perfectly happy with the disc currently available for the first film; the commentary track and isolated score are great. A commentary track with Lester and/or Donner on the second film would be good, along with additional scenes availble seperately from the film itself, though I wouldn't be opposed to some of the extra stuff inserted back into the film either. Could care less about the third and fourth movies though...I won't be buying them again.
I for one will likely get the whole set when it's complete. I have the first Superman Special Edition already and the barebones Superman II, but I would like the new version and bonus material for the rest of the movies.
Last I heard Donner's not going to be involved. It's being assembled from his notes, a bit like the extended cut of Alien 3. There are some contractual problems apparently Wink Hopefully they'll be sorted and he'll have some input.
if Warner release a boxset as desribe somewhere on the site and it`s reasonably price I`ll seriously consider buying , I doubt they release the original (Reeve) movies seperately !!!
Unless there is a demand
I don't see how they could possibly make it a good film, it's a much more funny movie than a 'good' movie. (waits for backlash)
I am
Superman II Re-Cut Are you going to buy this
There is alot of internet buzz of on this. I will be the first in line to buy it.