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Stephen Etherton wrote:

Donner's cut lost the best line:
"General, would you care to step outside?" -Superman

It was there wasn't it? Just very badly dubbed to sound more serious.
Spoilers ahead. Hopefully anyone who keeps reading has seen all the Superman films by now. If not, read no further.

Very mixed feelings on the RDC.

Less slapstick good.
Brando Great.

Turning earth back again...doesn't work for me or the story. I know the background to this scenes inclusion. That it was always intended to be in 2 but then they put in in 'the movie' instead, but I think the kiss of forgetfullness works better. Spinning back time doesn't make any sense for the characters and it doesn't tie in with Superman Returns either.

Why does that matter? Well, Bryan Singer obviously had an eye on the Brando footage 'Son Father/Father Son' dialogue that was going to be put back in the RDC so that he could elaborate on it in SR and the inclusion of the kid etc. If Superman reversed time to before he slept with Lois Lane we'd have to assume his beans didn't get blown up her. Yes/No? (Not to mention the fact that there would have to be 2 versions of Superman. One doing the flying and one pulling his todger out of Lois in fast reverse). Or did he manage to isolate that one event so that his man porridge stayed up there somehow?

Anyhow. It's a pity Donner and Co coldn't find it in them to accept the Lester 'kiss' and be done with it. Donner has admitted that back in the day, when the 'Earth spin' was lifted from 2 to be put into 1, that they would have to resolve the forgetting issue somehow when he eventually went on to wrap up 2. That of course didn't happen for 20 odd years and now they have been forced into a corner by having to use the old spin back time trick again.

Personally, now I've seen the original Superman reveal scene (the screen test with the gun) I can't honestly say it's better or worse than the 'hand in the fire' scene that replaced it. For the sake of continuity (hairstyles and specs) I would have kept the hand in fire scene where it was. But then I'm not the Director who's had to look at this thing for nearly quarter of a decade as it ate away at him.

I can only think of this as a bit of a curiosity though. A glimpse of what could have been which is what I think was intended.

Unfortunately, for better or worse, the Lester cut has to remain the official Superman 2. Until someone can figure out a way to put the Brando scenes back in to it of course.
I know the Lester version all to well, and would have liked t see a true Donner version if he had made it way back in the day with all Donner footage.  I love the fact that all those stupid slap-stick moments are gone with the Hillbilly Town, and during the villains blowing in the streets.  I always hated that stuff.  This new version seems very monotone.  No highs, no lows, just there in my opinion.  It was an interesting viewing.  I am glad I am keeping both versions.  Pros & Cons to both versions.


Donner's cut lost the best line:
"General, would you care to step outside?" -Superman
I liked it a lot. Is it better than the Lester version? To me, yes, because it is a much more serious story. Should it replace the Lester version? No.

The only things that came out to me as changed or not part of the original footage was the hotel scene (having seen it already on my original Superman I disc), the Washington Monument sequence, and the various dubs. I agree with the fact that very little is shown of the Villains, but also it is a very little film (under 2 hours). I thought the end was  a cop out, I know it was the original ending anyways, but something else, maybe the Super-Kiss should've stayed.
I dunno, I just enjoyed watching it more for the first time than I did watching Superman II right before it (I really like Superman II).

Also, the moon scene wasn't changed due to editing by Lester, the footage is exactly the same, so I dunno what you were talkin' about Stanton... Dunno where you said it exactly, but I'm not looking through dozens of RDC threads to find one quote.
I thought it was a hell of a lot worse than the Lester cut. Obviously it's not fair to judge a film that's been cobbled together from all kinds of footage too harshly, but the pacing was a real problem for me. They just don't show enough of the Kryptonian villains to make them a big enough threat. A lot of the Lester footage that was deleted would have really helped smooth things over.
Yeah. I've just finished watching it. Looks like the whole film is re-done as a new film. I totally agree with Tigerclaw. The film is funnier, I'm not sure about scarrier, but it is compelling viewing! Especially with the whole Lois know the true identity of Superman. How that was changed is brilliant! There is one key scene at the beginning that has been deleted and changed and that rocket explosion from Superman I connected into Superman II. Let me know of your thoughts, when some of you watch the RDC.
Donner's version of Superman II is a funnier, scarier, and more compelling flick.  I did found a lot of key scenes where deleted by second director Richard Lester.  My final suggestion, if you are a Superman fan, both version should be in your collection.
If any of you saw the footage (which has now been taken down) then you know this is going to be a great movie!  My question to all fans (who have seen it) is do you like it better than the Lester Version