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Hey guys, for all those in the UK who purchased the UK R2 disc and haven't got a replacement yet. I called Warners UK office today and they told me that the replacement discs will be sent out in the next week or so.

Aye, and they'd only destroy them anyway.
One could always use Skype. It is free to call 1-800 numbers in the states with it. That is what I did, and it didn't cost me a thing. And I won't be sending the discs back since the envelope wasen't pre-paid. Their screw up, not mine.
cool - can you get me a new monitor - mine has just went *poof* Sad lol
Gotta screw what I can out of them while I have the chance. I leave at the end of the month and they haven't been particularly great employers.
Oh you sneaky cheeky boy!
Yep, but it's a fairly painless process once you do it. I called twice just to check that they had my address details correct, but I did it from work so it was free.
Seriously? How much?

EDIT: *ahhh just realised you meant the phonecall* Is that the only way then?
It costs you lots...
Is phoning them the only option? How does that work when phoning from UK?
Just to update, I finally got my replacement discs today. And this was definately after they corrected my street name over the phone. It did come within a week of calling last monday though, so kudos for that. Can't wait to finally watch this set. I held of on opening the set until I got these in case. I am so happy now.
I called them almost as soon as the number was released and I only got mine a week or two ago.
I live in Ireland, called them in December and haven't got any disc yet. Should I call them again or wait a bit longer?
Hardly worth the effort for International customers, considering Warner are just going to incinerate the duff discs (or something similar).
yeah warner sent mine via airmail it included the discs and a return envelope but not prepaid so you have to pay £2 to return  it back to them very fast only took 5 days.
Chris Gould wrote: Original 2.0 Stereo and remixed 5.1.

Thanks, wasn't very clear for me.
Can anyone who is international tell me, did WB send it by airmail, or was it surface? I just wondered because they had to re-ship mine yesterday as they got my street wrong when I called them. Would be nice to have a general idea, though not holding my breath.
Original 2.0 Stereo and remixed 5.1.
Right so wait now, a bit confused... Disc one will feature the original 2.0 audio or the 5.1, OR original 2.0 AND the 5.1?
Well I don't actually have it yet - it has just been shipped so can't comfirm - but they way the shop I've bought it from (DVDWORLDUSA) were talking, it suggested they have only had the set with wrong discs.
If you just bought this, wouldn't you have already gotten the new discs and not need the replacements?
Finally managed to gather enough money to get this now.

Chris did you call 1-800-553-6937? Or is there a particluar dialling code for international customers?

*edited cause the swear filter edited sc**pe as in what you would do to ice on your windshield lol*
Chris Gould wrote: So did you not get the new discs then? I guess they must be shipping them to International customers to save time.

No disc.  You have to send the discs back before you get the replacements.
So did you not get the new discs then? I guess they must be shipping them to International customers to save time.
Adrian wrote: I still haven't even gotten the return envelopes.  I wouldn't have thought it would take over 2 weeks just to get the envelopes.

Of course, I complain and the next business day, I have the envelopes in hand.  I'll be sending the movies back soon.
Adrian wrote: I still haven't even gotten the return envelopes.  I wouldn't have thought it would take over 2 weeks just to get the envelopes.

I never got any return envelope either to send the defective discs back & I signed up back in December. I no longer have to fool with the whole replacement disc debacle since sent me a corrected set. I had my original set since they were released back in November of 2006 & contacted since I had trouble getting the return envelope from the WB replacement disc program. I didn't think that they would actually send me out a new set since I had the original one for so long but they did & it was the corrected version. Now all I have to worry about is sending my old set back. I already sent away for the free posters offer with the card from my original set & took the card from the new set & put back in my old set, the bad news is that I was supposed to send my original envoice that came with my old set back with my old set but I sent it in with the free posters offer as the receipt they required to get the posters.  
I still haven't even gotten the return envelopes.  I wouldn't have thought it would take over 2 weeks just to get the envelopes.
I never called to check as I figured it would take until mid January. I know someone else who got them yesterday, so it looks like they are starting to arrive. Depends when you called I guess.
Fair enough, besides it did take awhile anyways. Just out of curiosity, did you ever have to call to find out the status of when it was sent? I tried tonight, but they said someone else had to call me back. I don't expect that to happen. They did have my postcode correct, so I will just be patient.
Well seeing as they're just going to destroy them, I don't know that I can be bothered. The main reason they wanted them was for proof of purchase, but seeing as they already sent them I don't see the point. I bought the set, it was screwed, they fixed it. They're not doing me a favour, merely fulfilling their obligations.
The real question is, are you going to send the other ones back, or be cheeky and keep them. Wink  I called on the 27th of Dec, and it is good news to hear that they send the replacements first. I am in London, so hope to get it soon.
Excellent! *Plays air guitar*
Got mine today, about a month after I made the call. Discs were actually in the envelope, so I didn't have to send them back first. Result.
Superman replacement program
Stole this from Digitalbits and Bluetights Network...
Don't know or care if it's been posted already.

"They ARE going to be issuing corrected discs for both Disc One of the Superman: The Movie - Four-Disc Special Edition (also Disc One of the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition 14-disc set) AND Disc Eight of the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition. Disc One will feature the CORRECT original 2.0 audio track for Superman: The Movie and Disc Eight will feature the new Superman III: Deluxe Edition. ALL of the other discs streeting tomorrow are correct. The mistakes in the Superman: The Movie - Four-Disc Special Edition and the Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition were apparently just honest authoring/replication errors - not deliberate decisions - and Warner is already in the process of correcting them. NO recall of existing sets is planned at the moment, but we'll have an 800 number shortly that you can call and arrange to have the corrected discs sent to you via mail. The official statement from Warner will follow shortly, so be sure to check back in a little while."

" First, operators are basically just taking your names and phone numbers at this point. 800-553-6937 It will be a few days before all the details are in place, and they know when discs will be available. Discs are being replicated now, but it takes time. And if you get put on hold or have a hard time getting through, be patient. They're getting a LOT of calls.

Just to be precise, the 1978 Superman theatrical edition disc (Disc One of the Ultimate Collector's Edition) is supposed to have the revised 5.1 audio (edited down from the 2001 Extended Edition's 5.1 remix) and the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL 2.0 audio. That's what the corrected discs will contain (right now, the 2.0 is the remix also rather than the original theatrical audio).

WHV tells me that corrected DVDs and sets will eventually find their way into stores (as a 'running' production change) once the current stock sells out. They'll have new SKU numbers to distinguish them from the current ones - don't know what those are yet.

Finally, for you international (non U.S.) customers who may have purchased the Region 1 sets online via Amazon, Warner is checking with Amazon to confirm arrangements to make the corrected discs available to you. We're waiting to hear back from WHV to see if there will be a phone number or mailing address that other international customers (who may have purchased R1 sets online) can use to get the corrected discs. We'll try to let you know."