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Superman The Movie 3hr Editon Will it be released

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Well someone has wet-dreams over Superman a little too much. Wink
Donner said if a 3hr cut is ever released he'd remove his name from the credits of the movie.

So I think that settles it.
stanton heck wrote: I am happy with it ...

Then why are you starting threads complaining about it? If you were happy, you wouldn't be here talking about "a lack of" deleted scenes, you'd be watching the set, and also maybe moving on with your life.

Stanton, no offense, but I think you use the ! too much.

Secondly, I don't think there's a chance that WB will bring out another Collection like the one out now just for the Superman Returns sequal. They put way too much effort and work into the current set to reproduce it again just for one new movie.

As for an extended cut of Superman Returns, I see it being a possibility. I mean, they shot the Krypton sequence, it's out there somewhere. I loved this movie, and would definately buy any double dips in the future.
I am happy with it but I see another set coming again!  Its to good of a chance for Warner Brothres to make more money!
My God... Some people can never be satisfied can they?

If you know they're missing, then I can only assume that you've seen them all before, therefore, what is the problem? Another cut of "Superman Returns" is a given, we all know that, we are taking that risk. It's not out of the question for them to release ANOTHER cut of "S:TM", it's just very unlikely.

Another box set in 3 years? Probable. On DVD? Less probable. But what would that include? "The Man of Steel" ("SRII") with everything else (maybe that other cut of "SR" if it's not out already). With the release of "The Donner Cut" behind us now, I think Warner Brothers would have piled on ALL the Donner footage for this release.

Not saying it won't happen, just saying there's little chance of it and you should just accept what you have and be happy.
Superman The Movie 3hr Editon Will it be released
Do you think we will ever see the 3hr International Cut of Superman-The Movie?  I was hoping the Ultimate  Collectors Edtion would of had all the delted scenes but it doesn't!  

I kind of think we might see another box set of these movies again when in 3 years!  This would be the same time the next movie is released in DVD!  I know there is talk of another cut of Suoperman Returns that will be released!  So another cut of the Richard Donner Movie is not out of the question.

Ridley Scott is releasing his 3rd cut of Blade Runner and Oliver Stone is doing his 3rd cut of Alexander.