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Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

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Fantastic movie. I watched the regular theatrical version.
GRZA wrote: Excellent, thank guys!!  Looks like I need to get one - asap.  Ive been telling myself I dont really NEED one for almost a couple years now, but thats obviously wrong Wink

Any suggestions on brands or where the best deals are?

I just got the Oppo Digital player for Christmas myself and I'm very pleased with it so far. It does PAL-NTSC conversion and vice versa, is multi-region with a simple code, upconverts to 1080i and various other resolutions, and plays DIVX, MP3, and WMA files well. Plus, mine, which was ordered directly from Oppo, came included with both DVI-DVI and DVI-HDMI cables. David Beamish reviewed this player a few months back if you'd like a more detailed look at it, but it's a great player for the money, and the included cables make it a real bargain.
just have a question and wondering if anyone can answer this one: I recently bought the korean 2 disk SFLV and when I want to play the second disk the director's commentary is always on and cannot make it it my player or the disk has the commentary as a default feature......i would really love to watch the fade to black version because it has got the subtitle......
i recently bought Leon and A bittersweet life..with SFLV and Leon is 2 disk and has got both versions...i think this is a very good set....for collectors....going to watch A bittersweet Life tonite.....i bought my dvd's from DVDFROMKOREA and they are good.
Try, I think they have a cheap Philips model that's popular although I cannot vouch for quality. The good thing about Amazon is their user comments, you can find out if a player is multiregion or if is actually any good by reading them.
Excellent, thank guys!!  Looks like I need to get one - asap.  Ive been telling myself I dont really NEED one for almost a couple years now, but thats obviously wrong Wink

Any suggestions on brands or where the best deals are?
I've had around six players and every one of them has been multi-region. It's a necessity if you're at all serious about films, because it allows you to chose the version of the film you want (rather than the one your country's censors tell you to watch).
Yep, always had a multiregion player. In this part of the world it's considered an important feature alongside PAL/NTSC conversion and DivX playback, a player that doesn't have multiregion support is unlikely to sell well - unless it's a major brand name.

You are right, A Bittersweet Life seems to have sold out at most places, although it looks like Yes Asia still have stock:

(double check it's the version you want though as I'm half asleep at the moment!)
Mal, Chris - You have All Region players?  I'm finding it exceedingly frustrating to have to wait a year or so before a lot of these new Asian (especially Korean) flicks hit Region 1 or All.

A Bittersweet Life sold out instantley and I cant find an original All Region anywhere.  Suggestions?
Next week from what I read on one of the sites. Can't see the point in getting it now, as none of the extras are subbed. The panorama disc is surprisingly good in the video department, in spite of the interlaced transfer.
Looks like the South Korean release has sold out, probably be a while before a new batch is made available.
I haven’t seen it yet, but am salivating for it.  Oldboy is my favorite movie of 05, Mr. Vengeance was amazing also and Ive read incredible things on Lady Vengeance from AICN.  As soon as the opportunity presents itself - I'm there!!
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Who's seen it then? I thought it was better than Mr. Vengeance, but not quite up to the standard of Oldboy. It's a very stylish film though. I'm quite interested to hear from people who have the two-disc Korean set with the version that fades to black and white. Exactly how and when does this occur? Is it a subtle drain of colour, or does it suddenly just change (a la Kill Bill)? What effect, if any, does this have on the film?

The Hong Kong disc I have is prety good, although it's from Panorama Distributions and so has an interlaced transfer rather than progressive. With that said, I didn't actually spot too many artefacts. It's also a very clean looking transfer. It's got fantastic DTS/Dolby tracks as well.