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Terry Gilliam's Tideland

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Yes, I consider "Brazil" to be his masterpiece.

"Badass" got what was coming to him. In response to your question, yes he was. A few threads detail the banning, quite pathetic really...
And his best film would be....Brazil? Wink

Btw: Mr.Badass was banned and kicked of the board or what?
"Badass" is gone Disciple, long gone. And sorry, but I dunno how to remove the subtitles. No option on the menu I assume.

I wouldn't call it Gilliam's best. It was brilliant, but not as lasting as his earlier work I found. I'm hoping repeat viewings help me make a more "educated" descision, but for the time being, IMO, not his best.
It's definitely the best film of 2006 so far. Without a doubt. It's also Gilliams best film ever IMO. I love almost all of his film to death, but this is a true masterpiece and it feels new and fresh in every possible way. I love it! Amazing performances by Ferland and Fletcher!!

I need to know how to remove the russian subtitles Mr. Badass, please help me if you can. There are two alternatives under subtitles but both seem to result in russian subtitles and I don't know what it says as it's russian. I managed to get rid of the horrible russian over-dub though. Thank God for that!
Saw this finally. Amazing. All I can say. I agree with the whole innocence part. I dunno if you all saw overseas, but Gilliam came out and basically told us (audience) this before it started. I'll admit, I was creeped out, but there are so many layers to it (Creeped out layer, innocent layer, etc.)
Only Gilliam could've made this and gotten away with it. Great film. Too bad no one will see it here except for Die Hards like myself (and you Disciple, as well as the fans here at DVDActive).
It might..and no, sorry. Happy

I didn't get it today, so I can't say what I think about it until monday.

Hey I got my dvd yesterday after a weeks delay, but I can't seem to get the subtitles to disappear. I desperately need to remove them. Please help!

How come all my posts in this thread appear in the same post?
dude, this might help you enjoy it....
my review...

and do you have msn,aim,myspace?
That's what I thought. Hope I get it tomorrow. Wink
ok... I love the film, best film of 06 by far, the R5 dvd is pretty good quality, no bonus stuff and removable subtitles, they are removable unlike what says.

the thing about the film is that you must think what the child thinks to get it, most critics are just grossed out about it and dosen't understand the innocence of the film
I sure will. Happy
Be sure to let us all know your opinions, I'm eager to hear what other people think of it.
From what you can tell of the trailer it looks very interesting and Jodelle Ferland is quite a promising young actress.

Tideland has a 7.0/10.0 rating on IMDB and over 1.000 people have voted, so a lot of people thought it was a lot better than average. Wink

The 25% score on rotten tomatoes (which makes it rotten) do give you the impression that the critics don't agree though.

Will be very interesting to see what I think of it when I get it this Friday. had a few copies last time I checked. I'm not sure on the price though. I've heard nothing but awful things about the film, which of course makes me want to see it.
It's a fair price. $27 isn't that much.

It's availible on eBay right now if you're interested and have a region free dvd player. Russian subtitles are removable and it appears to have a 5.1 english track. Seller is putting up one at a time though (seller claims to have more copies, says "quantities are limited" though) and you have to bid on it. Price is $29 atm.
We're only getting this in theatres (very limited release) in a few weeks! I've waited so long to see this. If you're that desperate to see it and you have the capabilities, then I'd definitely go for it.
Although it does depend on the cost...
Terry Gilliam's Tideland
Any word on when this might be released on region 1 and 2 DVD? Just got hold of a region 5 russian import of this but i'm not sure it's worth spending my money on it. Anyone have this release?