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the $8.50 Little Shop of Horrors w/ alt. ending.

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Yeah, its always a great feeling knowing you discovered a rare gem for dirt cheap. I have been finding a lot of luck on Amazon's used DVDs lately, for example I got the Tomie 5 movie box set for $3.95 plus $2 shipping. And the Kadokawa Horror 4 movie boxset for the same price it is awesome.

That Criterion buy one-get one free sale they had last year also ruled.
the $8.50 Little Shop of Horrors w/ alt. ending.
Okay, first off, let's make it clear that the point of this thread is not to gloat. Nor is it to make light of other people's missed opportunities (including the seller's)but instead to celebrate and validate that rarest of moments in a DVD collector's life: finding DVD gems hidden in plain sight. Whether it's at a pawnshop or the Used DVD section at Gamestop (where, incidently, I scored Criterion editions of both Robocop and Silence of the ten bucks a pop)or ebay (from whence the aforementioned LSoH was snapped), there's no mistaking the surge you get when a Holy Grail DVD presents itself before you in the plain light of day.

That, and the sneaky question you ask yourself as your eyes narrow and scan the premises, "Is there not anyone else seeing this too? Am I the only one checking this s!@# out?"

You can't get this thrill from a private sale. You can't relate your joy with the wife (or husband) or coworkers without a resounding "meh". So I relate this and share the love with fellow DVD geeks.

So this it what I would like to see in this thread:
Validation...go to ebay and check out item number 280349470348 and provide your verification on this thread. The auction ended May 30th and the listing will be up for a limited time only.

Because in a few weeks,ebay will take this listing down and no one will believe this ever happened.

Also, I'd like for you to share your stories of "getting over", finding movie gems hidden in plain sight. Give us all hope in that one day, we too will be at the right place at the right time when luck decides to shine upon the prepared.

Sould be a fun thread.