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The Adventures of Indiana Jones (4-Disc Trilogy)

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Young Indiana Jones is finely being release?About F'n time!
Indeed it is.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: October 23rd.

Volume 1 of 3 will be released.

Thats for the young Indiana Jones.
October 23rd.

Volume 1 of 3 will be released.
I feel a disturbance in the force.  They will probably re-release the first three to DVD with new extras in time for the theatrical release of Indy 4.  next year or the end of this year will start the release of young Indy to DVD.
I'm with Matt, Air Force One was his last good movie Wink
six days ,seven nights

2000, What Lies Beneath is pretty good.
1997 for me, I rather enjoyed Air Force One.
Mmm. I deliberately avoided referencing that as it holds far too much water for my blindly optimistic hopes for the 4th film.

I have to keep thinking that Eastwood still kicked bottom in Unforgiven.He was 60(ish) then so I have to keep rooting for the Ford, despite his poor track record over the past decade. Blimey it has been a while since he made something decent hasn't it?
I'm sure it's all based on Sickboy's unifying theory of life. Or something.
What's with all the rampant ageism?

The picture that popped up by Spielberg the other day of H. Ford as Indy looked fine. He looks to have been working out and lost that baggy neck things that's been hanging under his face since What Lies Beneath. I know what lies beneath. A big baggy neck that's what. Still, is a baggy neck better or worse than a Lucas bloater of a neck? I don't know but I remain hopeful that Indy 4 will deliver the goods. I know it won't be the same as the first 3 but I was 11, 14 and 19 when they came out. I'll be nearly 38 when part 4 gets released so the childhood memory of the first 3 will be hard to shift.

Whatever happens, I'm sure with Spileberg and Ford together, they will counter balance Lucas's excesses.

Fingers crossed.
Tigerclaw wrote: I agree with Chris, If the actors are past 60 years old, they shouldn't bother making sequels!

Hey all the major players a involved(Spielberg,Lucas and Ford) and they have been an age getting the screenplay right... what could possible go wrong ...  Cool
I actually think the new Indy movie will be rather good.
Chris Gould wrote: The Alien Quadrilogy has the dumbest name of any release ever. Maybe.

Dumbest name for maybe one of the best sets ever! They made up for it.
Realist Wink
Ooh agest!
I agree with Chris, If the actors are past 60 years old, they shouldn't bother making sequels!
The Alien Quadrilogy has the dumbest name of any release ever. Maybe.
Actually Chris, yes tetralogy is a greek word and used for 4 items.. didnt know I can use that..
Confused by the Alien collection Tongue

Thank you all I'll go ahead and make the purchase Happy
Gah!!!! There's no such word as quadrilogy! Tetralogy or quartet dammit! Oh, and yes, get it now. The fourth one will no doubt suck and you can always buy that separately. The Indy set is one of the best trilogy releases out there, mostly because they didn't screw with the films too badly.
You don't have it already?!
The Adventures of Indiana Jones (4-Disc Trilogy)
I am thinking of buying the trilogy ($32 on
Do you think that's wise now that a 4th movie is coming up or should I wait until the Quadrilogy comes out?