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The Barlet Years?!!?

Forums - Discs & Movies - The Barlet Years?!!? 


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its not a fake of pirated box set. its very much genuine.
Its just a packaging of season 1 through 6 which pretty much cover the bartlett years.......
Series should end after Bartlet's term is over Happy  It will be a nice fitting end.
It's probably fake or pirated, given that the current "administration" on the west wing isnt even over yet, let alone on DVD.

BTW, I hope Vinick wins for the next one Wink
Uhh... yeah whatever
fantastic box set for a fantastic tv series!!! top notch!!!
Hannity & Colmes reviewing DVDs........ now there's something! Wink
Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with discussing the actual DVD release, just try and keep the discussion centered around that and not get sidetracked into discussing politics. We're a DVD site, not an online version of Hannity & Colmes.

Fine.  I guess the thread can be closed down then.
aleks wrote: Nothing's wrong with a little bit of political discussion in here Wink  
Since it violates one of the site's only stated and understood rules for posting messages, yes there is.

"Please make the message constructive and avoid discussing anything relating to religion or politics. Terms & conditions apply."
Nothing's wrong with a little bit of political discussion in here Wink  
I was refraining from posting my political ambitions untill the gist of the debate unfolded...

then again sometimes it can be fun for the bored who are stuck at work Wink
Shall we stop this before it gets going?
I hope your critism of this show is not related to the liberal based solutions that each episode depicts.
Political fantasy of the lowest order.
Now that's something I'd love to start a bonfire with...
The Barlet Years?!!?
I came across this while browsing E-Bay... I tried googaling for this box set but no decent results came of it.

Any of you guys heard anything about this and Happy New Year all Happy

Source: E-Bay