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The Best DVD Released so far this year?

Forums - Discs & Movies - The Best DVD Released so far this year? 


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My year end list is going to end up being mostly made up of animated series. Munich and TCM:UE are the only discs that did a great job on features. I'm happy enough to have Cemetery Man on DVD that it'll probably make my list.

Personally I'm looking forward to Tartan's 3 disc Oldboy set.
It's not been a particularly good year for me. Only got about a dozen titles that were actually released in 2006, along with a handful of older titles. However, I reckon the best of the year will easily be the forthcoming Ultimate Superman boxed set. Can't see anything else topping that.
I agree! You can't say some show sucks unless you ACTUALLY SAW more than a few episodes. I never got around to watching more than a few episodes of the show, as I had other shows I enjoyed more at the time - Alias, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, House, and a few others. But you don't hear me complaining. And how can you be asking a broad question which is the Best DVD released this year so far? This question should be more specific like - are you talking about the movie? or the DVD with the best Special Features? or the best Audio/Video? the Best Packaging?

Some of the best on my list would be:

Grease - Special Edition with Leather Jacket Cover
Inside Man (saw the movie for the first time ever, on dvd)
Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Uncut
Munich Limited Edition
Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
Memoirs of a Geisha: 2 Disc SE
as far as I can remember.

hossein wrote: Kingdom of heaven 4 disc director's cut is In Top I think .

I agree! IMO, this is the ultimate Ridley Scott masterpiece, and this is the best release of a Ridley Scott film ever! It's an entirely new film.
Mr.Badass wrote: have you ever seen Twin Peaks, Jersey jedi? it's template for LOST, lOST is twin peaks ona island

Yeah, David Lynch is incredible. Mullholland Dr. is one of my favorite flicks. Just cause something's a "Template" doesn't mean it's better than what follows. that's like saying every husband and wife sitcom is horrible because they used the template of the Honneymooners.

But if you wanna oversimplify everything, OK. I have seen twin peaks and lost STILL trumps it in every respect. I just pray to god the writers know where the hell they're goin with this plot.
Kingdom of heaven 4 disc director's cut is In Top I think .
have you ever seen Twin Peaks, Jersey jedi? it's template for LOST, lOST is twin peaks ona island
Lost I the greatest drama in the history of Television. (The prisoner is a VERY close 2nd, tho).

Seven Samurai Criterion. Just get it.... wow....
Still a bit early since most of the best are usually reserved for the final quarter of the year, but the best so far is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Ultimate Edition from Dark Sky Films. Excellent audio and video and packed with extras, and it even has pretty nifty packaging too for those that like their DVDs to look all pretty sitting on a shelf.
Why does it suck?

It's easy to say something sucks and then not back it up with reasoning.

Here's my question: How many episodes of Lost have you seen before dismissing it as "sucks"?

I agree everyone should is entitled to their opinion, but an opinion is based on reasons, and "just because..." is not a reason.

Anyways, the best DVDs I've picked up this year would have to be the Munich SE, and Arrested Development S3. Haven't bought many this year.
Mr.Badass wrote: dude, Lost sucks
Stop being an asshole. It's getting old. Just let people have a different opinion from you own without telling them they're wrong.
i agree that everyone can have their SUCKS !!
Mr.Badass wrote: dude, Lost sucksOk seriously, I'm getting tired of this.

First off, it's one show you have to get used to. It's not a show that you immediantly start liking after one or two episodes.

Second off, let everyone have their own opinions! That one shouldn't have no problem explaining.

and third off, you probably never watched the show before

Anyway, Lost tonight!!! Woohoo!
dude, Lost sucks
Munich SE
Lost Season 2
Complete Mr. Arkadin CRITERION
The Best DVD Released so far this year?
I am stumped here. I can't think of any right at the top.  However what I am looking forward to is the "Ultimate Superman Collection"