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hmmm - let's see - it that original or copied dvd's???

around 350 originals for me...
Ha! Still beat you. 220. I got Closer today.
Quote: Originally posted by Danny Boy
I probably have the least, but considering the fact that I just started 2 years ago, 72 is not that bad.

I started a bit less than 4 years ago.
And I already have over 140.
- -
I probably have the least, but considering the fact that I just started 2 years ago, 72 is not that bad.
Quote: Oh for God's sake. Matt wins. End of Story.

Not for long Wink
Quote: Originally posted by Tom Woodward
I think Matt already did with his 1607 Wink

I've just passed the 400 mark, and that's being good. I really don't buy much these days. I have pretty much everything I ever really 'wanted' on DVD (few notable exceptions that I must get around to), so no need to keep buying.

Really don't need half of what I have either. Just stuff I impulse bought back in the day. I'll never watch most of them again. Just don't have the time. Ironic really, that working on a DVD website stops me watching DVDs.
Oh for God's sake. Matt wins. End of Story.

Personally, I always trade in the lesser of my double dips to get more DVDs I don't have any version of. These places in the Twin Cities are awsome. I can get about 4 bucks a piece for my trade in at one store, then take the cash to this other place that offers jack shit in trade, but resells at amazingly low prices, like 2 to 7 dollars.
- -
So a box set like Indiana Jones, for exemple, does it count as 1 or 4 DVDs??  What about Star Wars episode 1, does it count as 1 or 2 DVDs?
If it is a boxset of movies, such as Friday the 13th, Scream, etc., I try to list each individual movie if I can and list the boxset only if there is a seperate bonus disc and no other way to account for that. If it is a televison series, just the set as a whole is counted. If I broke down every boxset, such as The X-Files or Angel, as individual discs there'd be over 2000 entries listed.

I have several double dips, but so what? How does each older DVD or set of movies not count somehow since I still own it? Yeah, I have two copies of Paramount's Friday the 13th movies, Escape From New York and Halloween for example, so do I not account for the older release if I have the newer one since I never sell a disc once I've purchased it? I don't think so since the whole point of me entering the discs into a database in the first place is to keep track of what I own. And not all double dips render older releases null and void; some older releases have features that newer releases do not, as in the Halloween, Silence of The Lambs and Terminator 2 discs that I own.
Quote: I think Matt already did with his 1607

Yeah but they're mainly double dips, and what's come as a box set, Matt's has still entered them on as an individual DVD including the bonus discs!!!

Director's cuts, or extended editions, along with the original theatrical cut are fine, but half of the DVDs which are double dips are null and void.
My DVD collection is all messed up. I'm going to DVDSpot now.
I think Matt already did with his 1607 Wink
DVD count
i have 957 dvd,s. Beat that.
Nah, I nicked it from's a half GL, half Eric Cartman quote. But if he DID actually say it I'm with ya.
Did he ever actually say that, because my respect for him if he actually did....

...just increased ten fold. That is fucking ballsy.
Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
Noble...not the word GL would use...Wink

To steal a quote...

"Whatever! I digitally put Jabba the Hutt back into the original Star Wars movie! I'll do what I want!"

And so shall I...Wink
Noble...not the word GL would use...Wink
Here's a link to my DVD Profiler page in my signature if anyone is interested, not like it hasn't been posted on the site several hundred times before or anything. Wink

The list isn't complete...I have been very sporadic in adding titles to DVD Profiler all summer...been busy using my PC/spare time for nobler purposes...probably another 50-75 off.
No offense taken, but I'm out a lot.
I think Tony really needs to get out more. No offence to you Tony, but whenever I'm posting something after a day at work or even in the morning, you're there!
Quote: Originally posted by Chris Gould
I've probably got about 450 odd, but I haven't bothered to add a lot of them to profiler recently.

Ah, that reminds me, I did some shopping this weekend. I'm at about 400 myself.
Um yeah, Matt, the bloke we were talking about earlier. Have a look at his contributors page for a does of 'DVD envy'.

I've probably got about 450 odd, but I haven't bothered to add a lot of them to profiler recently.
I don't think so. If you guys look at mine, I have 458 dvd's. But if I remember correctly, one of you guys, who hasn't posted a reply on this post has over 1000 dvd's, who was it??
I think he is also a staff member of dvdanswers??
right now im hovering around 350
By the end of October, I should have at least 235 movies.
I have only 149.
Yeah, he pretty much does. Now, let's have a pissing contest!
Matt wins.
I have 400 and something. I'm fairly conservative in how much and what I buy. October is gonna be a big one though....look out best buy.
i have 320 DVDS
The Biggest DVD Collection
Okay, so I'm bored and have nothing to do. I decided to see who has the biggest amount of DVDs.

To start off, all I have is 207 DVDs. I know, most people have more than me.

Let's see who has the largest DVD collection!