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The Dark Knight / Batman Begins (Blu-ray) 4 Disc

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Well that's bull. A "limited edition" of any kind should have better artwork than some split-poster worth something you'rel ikely to find in a $5.00 bin at Target.
It is. Contrary to the above, this is three discs, not four (the artwork never mentioned four discs).
That better not be the final cover art.
It doesn't say on the back cover but all the sites have written it down as 4 disc limited edition, only a matter of time before it's confirmed here with a month to go before it's release.



and finally Amazon, lol:
Where does it mention four discs?
The Dark Knight / Batman Begins (Blu-ray) 4 Disc

*Artwork to be confirmed
Batman Begins:
Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer and others reveal the movie's backstories as you watch.
Same features on Batman Begins BD.

The Dark Knight: Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene - Director Christopher Nolan and creative collaborators unmask the incredible detail and planning behind the film, including stunt staging, filming in IMAX®, and the new Bat-suit and Bat-pod.
Same features on The Dark Knight BD.

Source: Whsmith,, zaavi etc;

I'm just dying to know what could be on disc 4, since TDK is 2  BD and Batman Begins is just 1 BD, so could the 4th disc be the digital copy or more features?

Also know one got any news on steelbook for the TDK?

Is it true the steelbooks are unofficial and made by this company here ( false news.
Since there doesn't seem to be many steelbooks in the shops, and so I assume this company holds right to make it.