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The Dark Knight DVD

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jmcclane 88 wrote: You should have tried to sneak it out Jonny, like Homer did with the Gummy venus de milo.

I'm sure if I did that I would mysteriously be missing my kneecaps right now.
Anyone have a working link that has an image of the fye exclusive TDK steelbook DVD?  Can't find an image anywhere, it isn't pictured in the update here.
Has anybody noticed the update?
You should have tried to sneak it out Jonny, like Homer did with the Gummy venus de milo. I wonder what kind of extras we will get with the Blu Ray. I haven't had a chance to look at the extras on the Begins BD yet.
I was at a WB event a few days ago and held TDK Blu Ray.... muhahahaha
Ah touche, didn't realise it was squared of n' all. Should have gone to a certain spectacle retailer.
The batman is the slipcase...what with it being all squared off n' all..
Yeah forgot about the Prologue on Begins, it looks bloody fantastic. I guess its the slight price difference between Dvd and BD that clouds my judgement.

I'm really looking forward to getting TDK, hopefully when Chris Nolan has time off on other projects he will be hungry again to revisit Batman and deliver a first for comic book movies. A fantastic trilogy.

And I say that as a massive Spider-Man fan.

Artwork for the 2 Disc BD below, on AmazonUK. The Joker cover looks to be a slipcase. Well one or the other.
Why would you even choose between the two if given the choice? Have you seen the Blu-Ray footage of the bank heist opening?
Blu - a must buy!
I was thinking the exact same thing earlier jbrain. For anyone who seen the issue of Empire, they had sections that the Joker has defaced, like Nic's picture. Not everyone might like that but it would be interesting.

I posted another cover I got from a spanish site, Batman dominated again. I also got Begins on Blu and it looked great. Now I don't know whether to get TDK on BD or Dvd.

If they don't have the joker on the cover they should make a special edition jokerized DVD.
Should have had one with the Jokers face embossed on the cover but i like the bike.
These are real.I have seen em posted on a couple of Movie News sites.
It could be real, but our site put something up a few months back that broke and embargo and within about an hour we got phone calls and emails from Warner Brothers Burbank office telling us to take it down. I doubt a site like joblo with way more recognition could manage to keep it up under their nose.
I just finally got Batman Begins on BluRay, too.  So, I will probably go with that one, and pass on the Bat-Pod set.  I just dont have room for it anymore.  

Hopefully it is all real, there is no reason to think it is not, the timing is not to off.  X-Mas releases are starting to show up.
It seems to hard to believe. I will wait until DVDactive announces it.
Where's The Joker On The Cover?
Steelbook edition nice artwork will be getting this one.
And me
I personally think the 2 disc art is better than the steel book and blu  ray but that's just me lol.  
The Dark Knight DVD
Check it out here:

The Batpod exclusive looks cool and steelcase. Can't wait. Not a fan of the bat mask though.