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The Exorcist

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Its the scariest
I'd like to see at least a 2-disc set of The Exorcist loaded with extras (including the documentary that was on the 25th Anniversary DVD) come out next year for its 35th Anniversary.  It should have both the original theatrical and re-release versions.  I could care less about the sequels and the prequels.
Disregard it, the best one is the original.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Why yes, yes you should. But disregard any sequel or prequel out there. ok, i have the 3rd one i didnt think it was scary at all.Thats the olny 1 I have seen
Why yes, yes you should. But disregard any sequel or prequel out there.
Is this a good film i have not seen it people say it scary so i want to put it to the test. Should i buy it?
Right, lets get this out of the way.. The Exorcist is one of the scariest films of all time IF!!!!!! You watch it and keep reminding yourself that its over 30 years old.. . . . .  Sure people nowdays find it funny and c**p. But thats because the teens were raised on Scream and I know what you did Last summer.
Imagine watching this film 30 years ago when most horror films were dracula flicks or science fiction martian films and such like. . . .. its not a critisitm of the teens today. Its just that so many people who watch The Exorcist for the first time in this century compare it to other films of this century. And dont keep realising its a 30 year old classic
If Warner Brothers put together a box set (Like what they are doing with the Superman Movies) it would sell- at Halloween time.  This is what I would do
"The Exorcist" (with the documentary that as released on the 25th ann editon)
Disc 2
"The Exorcist- The version you never scene"
I would have audio comentarys with Linda Blair, & Ellen B.
I would also show re-edited scenes so it could air on TV.
Disc 3-
"The Exorcist II"- The original cut
"The Exorcist"- The re-edited Version.
I would also have comentarys from Louis Fletcher and Linda Bair.
I have a documentary about the controvery about the whole movie.

Disc 4
"Exorcist III" Theatrical Editon
"Exorcist III"-The original directors editon.
I would then have a documentary with the cast and how they felt about all the changes the movie had to go through (th re-shoots)

Disc 5- Exorcist-The Begining  (retain all of the dvd extras from its firest release)
Disc 6- The prequel to "the Exorcist" but let the director change things if he wants to.
Disc 7- ALl the delted footage from all the movies (if available) All the screenplays as a dvd-rom extra.
Then I would include a CD of the Music.
Well people who read this and saw the original theatrical release will remember how much it scared the hell out of a huge majority.  It's definatly a classic horror movie, not a doubt.  But as a release in todays times, or for new ones watching it for the first time, I doubt one hair on their neck would raise up.  Its so old.
I was one that saw original release.  When people left the theater they were still scared. I remember scaring the heck out of my friends as we were leaving outside. It was a big event at that time.  I didn't open my windows for a week at home.  1973 was a very long time ago.  I saw the re-release in the theater, it was kinda boring to me.  Too bad they get old in that way.
I have both dvds of The Exorcist and it's so cool cause it's like a 3 Disc collection
"The Exorcist III" needs to be restored to the original cut.  I heard it was much better
There has already been a decent documentary on the making of The Exorcist, produced by the BBC if I remember correctly, included on the 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. That disc is currently out-of-print, but not too difficult to track down for a very reasonable price.

As for a documentary on the other films, I prefer watching documentaries about films that are actually good, unless they are colossal failures like Heaven's Gate ( Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of 'Heaven's Gate' is a great documentary), and on the two recent Exorcist sequels or prequels or whatever, I think the commentary tracks from Harlin and Schrader on each film are good enough in giving background on those films and their history.
A classic film from William Peter Blatty and William Friedkin. The Exorcist will be remembered long after most of todays trashy, teen, slasher, blood fests are forgotten. I's an incredibly creepy film and the performances were terrific. I have a feeling we will be getting a box set soon.
Talk about needing a box set!  All of "The Exorcist" had deleted footage on top of production problems! A great documentary is waiting on the making of the 5 "Exorcist Movies"  ( Remember there were 2 movies made as a fourth Exorcist movie)
the exorcist
I thought some parts where dull and not needed. Like regans mom on the phone because regans father missed her birthday. Others things i thought where stupid like i think was a priest and a old man talking and one of the man asked the priest about seeing a movie but the priest already saw it, whats that got to do with this movie?. I also thought they went over the top with the demon a little bit but this is very realistic and did happen to someone years ago.

This website is awesome, and its free to sign up.
I went with a good friend of mine and we had the chuckles big time!
Maybe we should also see this when we are drunk! Wink
Well, I on the other hand saw it for the first time when it got a new theatrical run (I think it was around 2000) and it scared the hell out of me.
And comparing with the "horror" movies nowdays, it more than kicks their ass, the supposedly "horror" movies today are a joke!
- -
I don't believe in Satan, but that movie (original) scared the hell out of me!
honestly, like most dated horror films, if one views the exorcist expecting to still be frightened by the same things people were frightened by 30 years ago, one will find themselves quite dissapointed.

That said, The Exorcist is a very well crafted work of cinematic art.
First of all, this is wonderfully random.  Second of all, I watched this with my neighbor expecting to be scared, but we both found it hysterical.  WAYYYY overrated.
I'm not a hater exactly, but I did fall asleep while watching it pretty good for a movie that is supposedly so scary. Confused

It was a while ago though, I barely remember any of it.
The Exorcist
Here you can talk about the scarriest movie of all time The Exorcist.

This is for all haters and none haters, Enjoy!.