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This movie had a lot of potential, but then it ended up sucking.
Oh yuck! I hated this movie. Their political message was very obvious.
I love this movie. It was done in a classic way and that makes it more appealing in my opinion. Not like all the horror movies today,which are mainly about zombie people or a psyco person killing people for no reason. This movie was different and entertaining. Except for the ending.
i kinda want to see this movie because the trailer for it was just interesting
Disciple wrote: On the other hand 3356 people (8.1%) have given it a 10/10 rating on IMDB. Wink

They're a big family, the Shyamalans.
Chris Gould wrote: Because it sucked Wink

Badly acted, poorly scripted, illogical nonsense.

Yes on all three!!
i really thought the movie had potential, however, in the end i felt it kind of fell apart.  with that said, this is the first movie of his that i did not like.  i even liked lady in the water, which i know a lot of people did not.  take care. . .
Don't be sorry, you have the right to think whatever you want of it. I'm just surprised no one else on here liked it...

On the other hand 3356 people (8.1%) have given it a 10/10 rating on IMDB. Wink Most of the people voting gave it a 6 (14.6%) or 7 (14.2%) though, which isn't all that bad either. Of course, there's also the voters that gave it a 1 (12.6%).
I thought this movie was the worst my shyamalan by far. . .sorry, Disciple.  i have to agree with the person eariler who said that it was too preachy for me. . .
But the blowing wind in the trees and the grass wouldn't be at all scary if you didn't know that it was the trees and the plants that caused it...

I forgot to mention earlier that Shyamalan says he originally aimed for this to feel like a "great B movie" in a featurette on the BD. Would this help you guys appreciate the film more? Wink hehe.
I actually like 'Signs' a lot, but this film is a massive let down, the trailer was so good that it makes you anticipated the film so much, but the final product delivered so little. Everything in this film seems so disintegrated, disconnected and not very believable, to me at least - I thought Mark Wahlberg's character in this movie is an example of how miscast can hurts the progression of the film, I mean did anyone really buy Mark as a science teacher....

I'll admit that there are some interesting parts, truly tense moments which at least kept the film interesting at certain moments, but yeah it would be much more interesting if it doesn't give away the clue before even hits the half-way mark, it was fairly predictable after that....
Hmm... I took the whole "unexplainable nature" thing as an excuse for plot holes.

No, I didn't like Signs that much.  I thought that was the movie that Shyamalan took intricate plotting too far.  It felt a little bit like Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, which isn't really a good thing.
Ok, thanks for your answers. I can kind of see what you're getting at, some of the points are valid.

What makes the wind blow? Well; they had these huge wind machines that were powered by engines from Nascar racing cars that they used to make it look like the wind was blowing in the trees.

Seriously though, i don't know. Can it be the trees moving their branches with foliage to create the wind? Whatever it might be, it doesn't take away anything from the film imo, that only adds to the mystery of it. You never get to know what really happened. I love films like that.

As for why they aren't questioning the fact that it's the plants doing it (Spoiler btw): Marks's character is a teacher, and he's really interested in the subject, that's why he doesn't question it. Also, by the time this comes up, they all know it's got nothing to do with terrorists and it's really not that far fetched. There are things about nature we don't know anything about. Bees had mysteriously vanished etc. remember?

Btw: Scott, you didn't like Signs?
I watched this on a plane a couple of weeks ago and thought it was terrible - maybe even worse than Lady In The Water.  It's far too preachy.  Check out the sign for a new house development saying "You deserve this".  Give me a break.  It's a shame because M Night Shyamalan was great early in his career but I haven't enjoyed anything by him since Unbreakable.

I didn't think the characters spoke like human beings.  They just spouted exposition from beginning to end.  There's no real lead in to the revelation that the plants are doing it.  Mark Wahlberg and co visit some people who grow plants.  They tell them the plants are doing it and everyone accepts it pretty much without question.

I'm not the biggest Mark Kermode fan in the world but he made a good point in his review - what's making the wind blow?
I loved M Knights work up to this (despite him slipping on recent movies) The Happening is a cluster bomb of badness and whats worse is that the premise isn't a bad one. Everything thats wrong with it is M Kinght making terrible choices.

It's Like someone trying to make an M Knight movie and not getting what makes him so good. I felt abused after seeing this one in the cinema.
Ok, that's one opinion. Who did the bad acting; which scenes were poorly scripted and what about it is illogical? I'm just curious...

I'd love to hear from someone who loved this like me as well.
Because it sucked Wink

Badly acted, poorly scripted, illogical nonsense.
Just saw The Happening for the first time (got the Blu-Ray today). I bought it even though it's been getting a lot of bad critique because i'm a huge fan of Shyamalan. (have all his films on DVD and am thinking about getting them on BD)

The thing i'm wondering about is; why all the bad critique? I think it's bloody masterpiece! I was totally terrified and sat through the whole movie at the edge of my seat. I even loved the ending, although it wasn't what i expected.

Afterwards i went down to the store to buy some food and as i walked there the wind was blowing in the trees and i just froze right there, shivers down my spine. That's how much i loved it. Can't wait to get into the special features now, cover promises over an hour of bonus footage. Hope they're not referring to the extras as a whole.

Anyway; can someone give me a good reason for all the hate of this movie? Would really like to know what you think of it. And please don't say "because it sucked" or something liked that, that's not an answer.

(I'd like to add that i also loved Lady in the Water, another of his films getting a lot of negative critique)

*hate for