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The Hunger Games UKBD

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Interestingly, and as far as I know probably a first, the UKBD & DVD of The Hunger Games seems to be the 15 Cert (un-tweaked) version that played everywhere else.

I kind of assumed they would have the 12 & 15 versions on one disc via branching.

It's good that we get to see the untouched version but it seems odd (by UK standards) that by default (legally speaking) the 12 year old's (and under) who have already seen the 12A version (and also those that haven't seen it) have no other choice than to watch what is now a 15 Cert film.

Having seen the 15 cut now, beyond a blood splash when the games begin, (which I could be mis-remembering from the 12A version) I couldn't really detect any obvious differences between the two cuts. Whatever changes they did make to the 12A version would seem to have been very minor and not (in hindsight) worth the kerfuffle they created at the time of release.

For those interested, it seems that Sainsbury's are selling the 3 Disc BD exclusively.
There's a bit more to BR than the violence, which is what everyone seems to think draws fans to the film.
The film was a touch long but I enjoyed it. I kind of stumbled onto the books, not really knowing they were primarily written for teens, and zipped quickly through all three. My daughter, 9 years old has started reading the books and she loved the film as well.

I'm aware the Battle Royale fans say that THG is a rip off (it IS a bit odd that the film makers claim ignorance of BR) but none of that bothers me really. There's room for both films. The Matrix is essentially Dark City as well.

I've seen bits of BR on TV and it left me cold. Yes, it's more graphically violent than THG but, at 41 years of age, I'm kind of over that sort of stuff you know.

THG appealed to the 14 year old in me and that's why I prefer it to BR at this point in my life. 20 years ago the situation would no doubt be reversed and I utterly respect those that prefer BR and believe it to be the superior film.

Having said all that, I'm looking forward to seeing THG un-mucked about with though.
Will it be less boring (or more correctly, more exciting)?
The Hunger Games UKBD
For those interested, it looks like we (in the UK) may end up with the chance to see the 'uncut' version of THG when it's released on DVD/BD. The BBFC shows that both UK & International versions have been submitted and passed, 12 & 15 Certs. respectively. Which is nice.