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The Incredible Hulk 2 going straight to video??

Forums - Discs & Movies - The Incredible Hulk 2 going straight to video?? 


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What have 'movie pirates' got to do with it? Are you suggesting that they only rip off theatrical releases, and not the much easier to obtain DVD releases? Unless of course you were talking about Jack Sparrow.
I do believe that it needs a sequal, and most studios are making more money on DVD release no a days, so it makes since we will be seeing more direct DVD releases, and no theatrical releases.  With movie pirates and all, this way it only goes out to the masses on DVD.  If it happens, I will buy it.
Can't they just release it to file 13?
I think the general reaction to Hulk was pretty lukewarm.  It's hard to get the masses excited about a flick once.  I think it's even harder to generate enthusiasm for a franchise on the second go around when there is very little momentum pushing it along.
No Duchovny and no straight to video sequel. Regular sequel.
I loved the first Hulk and would love to see a proper sequel, but Bana's performance and Lee's direction were about 90% responsible for my love. I'd rather see no sequel at all if this is how they plan to do it.
Depending who ends up directing this, I wouldn't rule out a theatrical release. Toy Story 2 apparently started out as a direct to video sequel but the suits liked what they saw and got Pixar to beef it up for theatrical. The same could happen for Hulk if, as I say, the right people get involved. The expectation might be so low (on this sequel) that it might actually turn out to be a pleasant surprise.
Eric Bana's career has reached a level that another "Hulk" movie would probably stall. It was a stinker from beginning to end. I am a comic book geek from way back but that one really had me scratching my head. However, of all the comics I collected as a kid, "The Hulk" was one of my least favorite characters.
The 1st one was okay...

Half of the goods were Jen. Connelly Happy
I read it in my local Sydney Newspaper. It's one of those free afternoon editions that people in the city get to read on their train ride home. I think I mentioned it in earlier posts in 2005. The paper is called MX - a subsidiary of The Daily Telegraph in Sydney. I'll see if I can find this rumour on the net for you.
I liked Hulk, but it needs a proper sequel, not a STV job. You should quote a source for the rumour though.
It's sounds like the reaest STV flick ever behind "The Specials" and David Duchovny  would work
The Incredible Hulk 2 going straight to video??
Here's an interesting story/ rumour. Eric Bana has refused to star in the sequel to The Hulk movie, when he heard that it was not going to be shown in cinemas, instead going straight to dvd.

I say, good on him. Many sequels going straight to video usually mean that the movies aren't as good as the first anyway.

And how about this...the Producers have put former X-Files actor David Duchovny (a big fan of Hulk) to replace Bana.

I think it's stupid to waste money on a sequel of The Hulk, when the first wasn't even that good anyway.