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The Neverending Story - remastered

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I was refering to the region 4 version from Australia...
Yes. It's PAL/SECAM every where except North America and parts of Asia. As far as I know.
i understand
I see how that is confusing.  I was thinking r2 meant release 2. I mentioned originally I'm trying to find details about this new pre-order which has no details.  I suppose I'll have to wait until it is released.

Is German in the PAL format? I would have to do a conversion.  My DVD player will play PAL, but my TV won't accept.
You keep going from talking about a R1 release to talking about R2 discs. Which is it that you want? The best version of the film is the German R2, which features two cuts of the film (but only one of them is in English). After that the best bet is the Dutch R2, which has Dolby and DTS 5.1 audio.
I just found at

a region 2 in NTSC and english DD surround
Oh right, thought you meant a region 1 release.
here is a search find also
just found this:

I've found it as a pre order on another site also.  I'm guessing this preorder will have 5.1 but can find no reference at the pre-order sites.

I found references to other regions with DTS sound. If you do a google search with the quotes as I have here, you'll see the references.

"the neverending story r2"  

some ebay listings say they are new and not fake or pirate
It's a bit weird for a retailer to have adverts on their site, but looks like they have Google text ads. Maybe it was some pirate version being advertised through those that appeared on the search results? If the advertiser targetted it to America only then we wont see it.

Edit - are very weird, they are allowing competing retailers to advertise on their site through those sponsored links like cd-wow and play.
I'm confused. The current region one DVD was released in 2001, not last year. The version on doesn't mention anything about being remastered, nor does it mention 5.1. There is no info about the title on Warner's press site either. Where did you hear about it?
Its a pre-order at
where is this 5.1 available?
We already have a 5.1 mix down under and there is also a trilogy box set released....
The Neverending Story - remastered
I just found out it will be released in August.  Can't find any details.  I see last year's release was not 5.1, but people say they did a good job with the video and the sound they had in 2.0.  Does anyone know where I can find out some details on this new release?