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The Oscar for Best Actor

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9th February 2007 3:42  #1

GenerationZ Banned Join Date: January 2007 Location: United States Posts: 5
The Oscar for Best Actor
For me it's between 2.  Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond and Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson.  Ryan Gosling has his work cut out for him.  Leo something like the Michael Jordan of acting for his generation.  In Half Nelson, Ryan Gosling showed that he can play with the best of em.  He did an amazing job playing an innercity school teacher who is on crack.  The little girl who he played opposite, Shareeka Epps, was very good too.  The acting is real to the point that it resembles a documentary at points.  DVD comes out in about a week for Half Nelson.

9th February 2007 23:03  #2

Tony DeFrancisco Senior Member Join Date: July 2005 Location: United States Posts: 2,652
Forest, no doubt.

10th February 2007 0:13  #3

£ukasz D Member Join Date: August 2005 Location: Poland Posts: 859 Send a message via Skype to £ukasz D
Forest..only him...he is the most talented afro-american actor nowdays..and sadly very under-rated.

10th February 2007 1:20  #4

Gabe Powers Editor Join Date: September 2004 Location: United States Posts: 4,692 Send a message via ICQ to Gabe Powers
Of the movies I actually saw this year I'd give it to either Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman. I'll asume that Forest is the worthy of the runners based on past performance.

10th February 2007 2:55  #5

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
Well I saw the Peter O' Tool movie and to me it was creepy. I saw the Last King of Scotland and Forrest should win.  

15th February 2007 1:24  #6

GenerationZ Banned Join Date: January 2007 Location: United States Posts: 5
Forest seems to be the consensus on a lot of websites...  I really liked Half Nelson myself, I think Gosling did great.  Here go a few of links to videos of him in the movie.

Clip #1
Clip #2
Clip #3
Clip #4

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