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The Prestige (Prestige Edition?)

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well, there's nothing more to show actually, than the above pics.
Camera battery died, and I can't be bothered to charge it. Sure you'll post pics Happy
mine has yet to come..
where are those pics ? Tongue

sc**p that! mine just came :D
Mine arrived today will post pics later
Delivered where?
I dont live in the UK..
I saw an auction the day you made this thread and that guy had it for £20 delivered. Happy

he was the only one in eBay who had it!
Anyway, I dont mind the price
demiscy wrote: GB£34.99 TOTAL with shipping
That's a crazy price man. The product is being sell in Thailand at only 7 GBP (499 Baht) man. I'd say you've been ripped off big time, even if you count the shipping fee.

But well, if you're happy with it then that's good for you man! I guess it's quite hard to get whole of the set from outbound Thailand anyway...
Haha ouch.
GB£34.99 TOTAL with shipping

How much did you pay for it?
I bought it from a guy in Germany through eBay.
what website did you use Nic ?
Ordered one last night from some thai site. £17 inc Fed ex pp £10 for standard.
It is a Gift-Set...
I mentioned that it was LIKE a giftset.
It doesn't say anywhere (or maybe it does, my Thai are a bit rusty LOL)
You can judge for yourself though:

(click to see larger images)

Where does it say it's a gift set?
I'll get back tou you when I get it in a week or so Wink
Although the R1 Slipcase has a splendidly awesome slip cover!

I only got R1 for this man, can't be bothered to get the Thai release, I would if I'm still in Thailand. Nevertheless my friend told me that the things inside isn't that nice, so I just let it go!

But good on you now that you know where to get it...
Thanks Mal, I bought it finally from a guy in Germany through eBay! This is what I was looking for. I wasnt satisfied with the simple slipcase edition the R1 & R2 got..
This one is like a giftset!
Looks like the Thai release, try for Thai discs.
The Prestige (Prestige Edition?)
Can someone (Boboi?) tell me where I can buy this online? is selling it but I dont know if this is the one I want...