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The Punisher(2004 release): Extended Cut is coming

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Was it 'Spider-man good'... no, but I did like it.  I just felt they just did not get the idea of what the Punisher was meant to be, and that is a one tone, one dimentional character.  The comic (Welcome Back, Frank) most of the ideas came from in the movie was good, but did not translate to the big screen all to well.  I'd love a sequal to come out of this, and him be the dark passer-outer of capital punishment he was meant to be.  I am interested in the longer version, so I will be picking it up, it certainly helped Daredevil become a better movie (which I also liked.)
Awesome! I loved I the movie, hopefully the Extended Cut will make it even better. That cover is MEH though... looks like I will be keeping my custom cover
I didn't like John Travolta in the movie.  That alone, bothers me.
Seems like you and me, Tony.
I was actually one of the few that really liked this film.
Here is the cover art from

I hope it is OK to show this...I think it's hideous!

And here is an update on the set. It will now have DTS-ES audio playback!

This extended version of the film - presented in anamorphic widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 EX and DTS-ES 6.1 Surround - will feature over 17 minutes of additional material worked back into the film. Bonus materials will include an audio commentary with director Jonathan Hensleigh, a making-of featurette, The Punisher Comic Book Gallery (featuring select past and present comic book covers), downloadable ringtones and digital comic books for cell phones.


Also included in the set is the never-before-seen "Animated Kuwait Deleted Scene." Originally slated to open the film, this scene was never shot and, in a groundbreaking DVD first, audiences finally will be able to enjoy this scene recreated in animated form and starring Thomas Jane and Russell Andrews. Retail will be $19.98.  
Figures.  I paid for the Best Buy that had the extra disc.  Now I'll buy this again.
i own the standard edition..and have to say I was a bit disapointed with this film...the combination of action, thriller and comedy did not work for me this time..
The Punisher(2004 release): Extended Cut is coming
Jusy FYI...

The Punisher

Lionsgate Home Entertainment will re-release a longer version of 2004's big-screen adaptation of "The Punisher" on November 21st. The Punisher: Extended Cut will include a 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks.

Extras include a new audio commentary with director Jonathan Hensleigh, a never-before-seen (and unshot) animated deleted scene set in Kuwait, behind-the-scenes featurettes, a comic book gallery, downloadable ringtones and digital comic books for cell phones.

Retail will be US$19.98.