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The Sarah Conner Chronicles - Good or Bad idea?

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T2 Was great.  T3 was bad without Sarah Connor.  I think this series is a bad idea.  However I would be for a T4 that goes back in time before Sarah Connor dies and they bring her into the  future to save her.
Why?! Terminator 3 was sooo bad!
Three words: Blade: The Series...
This is just another example of the powers-that-be in movies and TV running out of ideas.  It's only a matter of time until we get Terminator: The Musical on Broadway as well seeing as any old c**p gets made into a musical these days.  God forbid the producers would make up their own ideas.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Terminator 3? What is this Terminator 3 you speak of?

That'd be your body helping you recover from the trauma by making you forget all about the pain that watching this movie caused. Wink
Nice addition along with Terminator 4

Kinda Terminator 2.1 !!
Terminator 3? What is this Terminator 3 you speak of?
The Sarah Conner Chronicles - Good or Bad idea?
The Fox television network has acquired "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", a possible television series based on the Terminator film series. The series will follow the events between Terminator 2 and Terminator 3 briefly mentioned in Terminator 3 by John Connor while at his mother's grave. The series is being brought to life by Warner Bros. Television and C2-Pictures. C2-Pictures was created by co-presidents Mario Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna "solely for the resurrection of the Terminator franchise." Playing the pivotal role of Sarah Connor in the series will be 300's Lena Headey, while the role of young John Connor will be played by Thomas Dekker. C2 Senior Vice President of Development, James Middleton, who is also producing, said that Sarah Connor's character will have "the weight of the world on her shoulder and...has to raise a 14-year-old son who may be the salvation of the world." The series pilot will debut on Fox later this year.

Source: Variety