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Theatres in Canada

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Quote: Originally posted by Stefano Agostini
 4.50$ CAN for a ticket. -  thats how much movie tickets are suposed to be.

Amen! I remember as little as 5 or 6 years ago paying that at a regular theater.
Well i go Famous PLayers. But no one can compare to the prices of Rainbow Cinemas. 4.50$ CAN for a ticket. Mind you that the screens are about the size of a regualr tv but either way, thats how much movie tickets are suposed to be.
I've been going to AMC over the last year or so. I find that they're a bit cheaper, which is all that really matters to me when your theater equipment is at a certan level.

Also, the (now former) Paramount theaters have turned into a non-stop ad until the second the movie starts. Yeah, all theaters show a handful of ads before the trailers, but Famous Players shows them fully animated instead of slides, then they have ads over the PA system every few minutes and have stand up ads for stuff like ski's and car's right in the theater box office area. It's gotten insane.

Although yeah, they look cooler then most theaters with the lights and models, etc..

I havent actually been into a Cineplex Odeon in years. I remember them being overpriced and boring.
Cool I love the Paramount theatres (they usually have one IMAX screen right?). I'd been to the one in Montreal and Toronto.

I was blown away and their awesomeness. Didn't look much like a cinema in the traditional sence. All those neon lights, loud sounds. Looked fantastic at night.
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Theatres in Canada
Cineplex Odeon bought Paramount Famous Players making it the Largest Theatres in Canada.  In second place is AMC.
Last year, both Cineplex and Famous Players made 716 million (US) dollars in revenue.