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This movie RULES!

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I prefer mine with some hot english mustard....
Nic_Mall wrote: Looks like a black and white version of Scanner Darkly. That was s**te so yer.Well yeah, but Renaissance wasn't much better.
Looks like a black and white version of Scanner Darkly. That was s**te so yer.
If I were a spammer I would try to at least have 4 legitimate posts before spamming, then....out of nowhere...BAM! I hit you with a website desperate for hits.
Geez, I'm still exhausted from the Homie Spumoni incident
Spam. I could delete it but... well.... I rather enjoy the fun comments others usually leave in the message's place.
This movie RULES!
Hey everyone. I just blind bought this movie called Renaissance and it's one of the best blind buys I've ever made. It's a phenomenal visual spectacle that uses an innovative combo of hand-drawn animation, motion-capture filming and CGI to create one of the most unique look you'll ever see. It has an awesome voice cast as well, with Daniel Craig, Ian Holm, Jonathan Pryce and Catherine McCormack, along with a great futuristic story set in Paris and a rich black-and-white look. I was looking up all this stuff on the movie after I saw it and I found this site that has a ton of clips and another that has a nifty little game. You should check all of this stuff out folks, along with the movie itself!