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Thoughts on Oscars 2005

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28th February 2005 4:59  #1

Matt Contributor Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 2,113
Thoughts on Oscars 2005
Okay, so what does everybody think about the winners and other nominated films in each of the four major categories?

I think Million Dollar Baby is a fairly solid choice for Best Picture...the only real competition came from The Aviator and Sideways... Finding Neverland was a good movie but not great and Ray was a mediocre film with a great performance. But even though it's a solid choice, I still preferred both Scorsese's and Payne's flicks to Eastwood's.

I didn't see all of the actors and actresses nominated, but after seeing each of the nominated performances in this category I can't imagine anyone beating out Jamie Foxx except maybe DiCaprio in that category, although it would have been great for Clint Eastwood to finally be recognized as a great actor, not just director...which ironically, though deserving of Best Director was Eastwood, I would have liked some love shown to Scorsese as the great director he is this year.

Hilary Swank for best actress was another good choice, but the only other film in that list of nominees that I have see was Eternal Sunshine, so I am less qualified to state my opinion than the previous two categories.

Oh...and Morgan Freeman...finally some respect to one of the best actors working today...

EDIT: ...apparently our own language filter disagrees with the choice of Hilary Sw*a*n*k....Wink

28th February 2005 9:33  #2

John Oaks Senior Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 951
For starters its good that Motorcycle Diaries won an Oscar, even if it was for the score. The Incredibles getting the Oscar for best Animated Film was great. I was glad that Jamie Foxx took the Oscar for Best Actor. I think he deserved it. I'm also glad for Morgan Freeman as well. Hilary Swank just wouldn't shut up huh? I went to the bathroom and when I came back, she was still talking. Looks like Million Dollar Baby was the big winner this year. Expect a DVD announcement soon with a crap load of Oscar related banners. Tongue

28th February 2005 15:28  #3

Jonny "Me You" Senior Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 2,863
I thought the winners were fine. They were a little more unpredictable then in years past, but I thought the presentation was soooooo bad.

Chris Rock just wasn't funny and even got embarassed later by Sean Penn. Beyonce sang like crap - I'm sure the french are still laughing. That whole give 'em their awards all at once was belittling to the people who actually MAKE the movie.

I just found the whole presentation terrible the entire way through.

28th February 2005 20:13  #4

Milla Freak Member Join Date: November 2004 Location: United States Posts: 64
i know i bet it makes you feel great to have to get your award in the aisle...

1st March 2005 0:21  #5

Gabe Powers Editor Join Date: September 2004 Location: United States Posts: 4,705 Send a message via ICQ to Gabe Powers
Like I said in my Motorcycle Diaries review, Supporting Actor should have been between Rodrigo De La Serna and David Carradine.

1st March 2005 15:21  #6

Bryan Rickert Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 94
I think that overall, the Academy got things right this year. Million Dollar Baby was top notch, although I would have gladly liked to have seen Sideways win Best Picture honors as well.

As for best direction, Marty or Clint were fine candidates (and I assure you they will have a rematch in 2006), but I'm also a bit disappoined that Bob Zemeckis and Kerry Conran weren't reckognized for their remarkable film achievements this year.

I can die a happy man, as now Morgan Greeman is an Oscar winner. I feel his work in Seven and The Shawshank Redemption was much better than in Million Dollar Baby, but he undoubtedly was deserving of this honor.

I had nightmares that best animated feature would go to Shrek 2, but thankfully The Incredibles rightfully took home that trophy. I still contend that the score for The Incredibles was the biggest snub in Oscar nominations this year; that and the snub for Paul Giamotti in Sideways.

For best lead male and female acting, it's tough to look down on this years winnners. Sure, Jamie Foxx was essentially doing an impersonation for a couple hours, but the qualoty of the work remains. Hilary Swank was marvelous as well.

My biggest gripe is probably in the cinematography category. The Aviator was deserving, but two films were overlooked: Million Dollar Baby and Spider-Man 2. M$B just looked beautiful in every shot, really playing with lighting and shadows exceptionally well. Spider-Man 2 was shot maticulously in the style of how comic book images are framed, and it's snub in this category is quite disappointing.

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