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Top 10 reasons why movie downloads suck

Forums - Discs & Movies - Top 10 reasons why movie downloads suck 


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I think I just need the HD quality, plus something tangible. No way I'd ever consider that.
Until everyone can put a box under their TV that downloads anything they want to watch over the internet, I can't see movie downloads having a wide reach.

Like Chris said, the problem is with bandwidth capping and throttling, and the fact fo the matter is that there's just not enough capacity in the broadband infrastructure (certainly in the UK) to handle the entire population watching and downloading content 24 hours a day
I've never gotten the surge to push downloads either. Other then lazy college kids in dorms and hardcore computer nerds that don't leave their PC, I don't know anyone who would bother. Plus Chris is right, even if you have fast speeds you'll likely have to wait more than an hour to get a single movie.

I'm sure most people don't even know that you can download from a service anyhow. Makes you wonder when people say the download will replace discs. Not anytime soon, thats for sure.
There's also nothing like having a nice shelf-full of lovely actual "real" dvds for you and all your mates to coo at!  Dusting is a pain though...  :0)
For me its the delivery of stuff like this that is the main problem (well, aside from pricing). Most people are on capped, throttled broadband, which makes downloads of this nature terribly impractical.
Top 10 reasons why movie downloads suck

For me the big two reasons are that they are lower quality than DVD for the same price and watching a movie in the computer room isn't my idea of a good time.

Has anyone here tried out any movie download services?  Legit ones I mean...