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Top Films You Want On High Def.

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to die for
Firstly, let it be known that I would kill to have the Unrated version of Hatchet on HD. Secondly I found this form cuz I was looking for a place to ask if anyone knew if they we're going to realease Christian Slaters He Was A Quiet Man on an HD format. Lastly I have to say my no.2 and 3. request for HD releases is The Grizzly Man... and the Fountain. Both would be amazing watches with crystal clear definition.
Indy 1-4
Star Wars
Nice that TRON gets a mention (Chris). I hope that even with it's grain and frame by frame cell animation, Tron will be an exeptional HD disc.
Surely thats good news.
Bad news for you Trek fans - I'm surprised you already didn't know but Star Trek TNG, DS9 and Voyager will NEVER be available on HD. The reason why is because back in the TNG days they edited and stored the episodes on regular old standard def, NTSC Betamax tape. The only way to make the shows hi-def would be to find the original film negative (likely destroyed years ago) and to re-edit them exactly how they were and then to digitize them.

Only the movies, the original series (also stored on film) and Enterprise (shot for HD) will ever be available in the format. If Paramount ever markets an HD version of the shows I've mentioned, they'll simply be upconversions of the original tapes with likely no difference in image quality.

As for what I'd like to see in HD. I've seen so many movies that look EXACTLY the same on DVD and Hi Def due to in herent grain issues (Back to the Future comes to mind) that really the only thing I would get specifically whatever version of Star Wars would finally hit it.
Most definitely, 'The Godfather' is my most wanted title on High-Def!

and well it would be nice to see 'Sin City' as well.
Hope Point Blank gets a decent Blu-Ray transfer.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: And I question Lethal Weapon, although to be fair, I haven't seen them I don't think.

I picked up Lethal Weapon on Blu-ray and I wasn't impressed with the quality.  It's just another port of the original below-par DVD master to Blu-ray.
Nic Mall wrote: Debbie does Dallas please

The remake is on Blu-Ray.
There's plenty better than that available.
Debbie does Dallas please
I'd like to add the 'extended' versions
 of the Lord of the Rings and King Kong, WITHOUT having to 'change discs' midway through, to those suggestions.

Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: I'd hardly call Scarface (I assume you mean the 1983 version) a "Top Film"...

I thought both the original and the remake were well-regarded?

Me, I only really want the Star Wars films. Originals would be nice, but I'll take what I can get. I just hope they fix all the problems with the colour timing and audio before releasing them this time.

Would be nice to have the Indy films and the Godfather films as well (well, the first two Godfather films). Big Trouble in Little China, the rest of the 'Vengeance Trilogy', the Alien films, Crouching Tiger (although that's on the way), Hero, Fight Club, a slew of 80s fantasy films like TRON, Krull, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth etc. E.T. as well. Actually, there are loads, but they're mainly for nostalgic reasons.

Oh yeah, and Jaws.
The Robocop films
The Crow Films
The Darkman Films

Episode III.

Hell yeah.
I'd hardly call Scarface (I assume you mean the 1983 version) a "Top Film"...

And I question Lethal Weapon, although to be fair, I haven't seen them I don't think.
Top Films You Want On High Def.
With blu ray winning the HD war and after I just picked up a 24 inch hdtv and a blu ray player it got me thinking about all the great films were missing out on on blu ray. So I am asking what are the top films you want to see released on blu ray.

I want:
The original Star wars trilogy.
Back to the future trilogy
The Godfather
Brokeback Mountain
All the Lethal Wepons