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Transformers Generation 1 Complete Collection (R4)

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Well Well there is a box set, How did i miss that? 20 quid too.
The whole series of Ulysses 31 is available on DVD, has been for ages. Would still like to see Centurions, as it was one of the shows I loved as a kid.
Still waiting for The Centurions and Ulysses 31 to make a live action appearence. Would like to see Ulysses make it to DVD.
Thing is, Transformers (G1 that is) isn't for kids. It's actually for people who WERE kids at the time. Whole different thing there bub.

Oh and you didn't offend me.
LOL fair enough!
I was just trying to point out about her last comment (about programs intented for little kids) how it contradicted with another similar.

I hope I havent offended you Nic!
I agree....major ball suckage from the Power
Yes but Power Ranger suck balls.
Maybe he thinks I'm being a hypocrit or something cos I think Power Rangers is for kids (and it's s**te) and me liking Transformers.Which (ho-ho how hilarious) was also for kids?

But I'm not going into how I'm right and he's wrong because I rock and he doesn't.
What is the relevance of that post?
Nic Mall wrote: Cool box. Love how they've used the original toy box design.
Will pass though, already have the R2 tin. Just need seasons 3&4.

But you reacted so strange in the Power Rangers thread.. LOL

yamiiguy wrote: Foreign Media Group Germany has announced the DVD release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete First Season.

Season 2 is planned for July and Season 3 in December, anybody else going to get this?

Nic Mall wrote: No. I'm 23.
I have 1, 3 & 4, but not 2, which was the best season. That box would incur the wrath of Mount Pleasant though.
Cool box. Love how they've used the original toy box design.
Will pass though, already have the R2 tin. Just need seasons 3&4.
Transformers Generation 1 Complete Collection (R4)

DVD Special Features

- Interviews with key figures from Transformer's 20 year history
- Animated Public Service Announcements
- Historical trailers
- Scripts & storyboards
- Interview and commentary with Voice Director Wally Burr
- Television commercials
- Limited Edition Packaging
- 16 page booklet containing exclusive comic by Simon Furman (TBC)