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Transformers movie - HMV exclusive

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zzzzzzsaw the preview today I might see it but a movie by Michael Bay scares me.  I am not one of his fans
Or are the toys coming out in Noveember to tie in with the DVD....
Well the DVD is coming out in Region 1 in November to tie in with an upcoming toy line  
Mark Lim wrote: Transformers - the new movie gets released in Australia this coming Thursday! That's one week before you guys. That's a first!! Can't wait!

That's nearly a month before the UK *crys*
thank you
Big Robot machines From outerspace. Haven't you seen the animated series that aired on TV in the 80's and 90's? Boys loved them!
Clue me in what is transformers.  Are they from outerspace or some science thing from earth?
Apart from 'Transformers', almost every major movie releases are late premiering in Cinemas here in Australia, as you can see here from
my local chain cinema...

Movies Coming in the Future

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21st - I Do:how To Get Married And Stay Single M
26th - Final Winter Rating TBC
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26th - The Simpsons Movie Rating TBC

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9th - I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry Rating TBC
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No wonder Box office $$$ are down in Australia as well. For many Aussies, they might as well import the DVD's, or find other means to see some of these films. I really want to see 'Evan Amighty', which you guys can watch now, but I have to wait till bloody September!!
Everyone turn your backs to Mark. (Lucky sod) Happy
Transformers - the new movie gets released in Australia this coming Thursday! That's one week before you guys. That's a first!! Can't wait!
Thanks Chris. The inside front cover of the set is the uk pster art!
You mean the one on this page.
Nic it is not an exclusive as their competitors are selling the same tin! I made the mistake of buying the tin at HMV and then discovering Woolworths are doing the same 2 disc tin at £5 less! Chris posted the artwork of the tin which is the same artwork in the news section along with his review! I still do not understand what was so exclusive about the HMV tin? The HMV tin opens up to reveal a standard case with possibly  exclusive front cover art which is the art from the old dvd case/original poster art. Maybe this cover is the exclusive? I do not know but the tin is NOT an exclusive! Woolworths has it!

No I understand now! sorry! The artwork on the front cover of the case inside the tin is the original poster artwork from the release back in 1986. The poster with Megatron fighting Optimus. Megatron from the front but we only see Optimus from the back and Unicron exploding at top of the image. I do not have a scanner and I cannot find a link to a page with the poster! Some one help please!
Transformers movie - HMV exclusive
Did anyone buy this? I've had mine on back order for over two weeks now. Is the "exclusive" cover inside the tin anything special? Could you post a pic if you have it please?